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Work-Life Balance and Other Things We Learnt from Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 3

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 17, 2020


Working assists in paying the bills, funding your lifestyle, supporting those in need, building wealth etc. We need the money to survive because relying on someone else to do that does not always work out the way you want it to. Besides, the world can be tough.

But, there are times work can dominate your life, which leads to you having less time and energy to do other things that can relieve you of stress and spend quality time with the people that matter to you the most such as your partner, children, family or friends.

Here are a few things that can be taken from the Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 3:

1. Prioritize Your Health: Our longing to succeed can push us to set aside our own well-being. As seen in this episode, Mercy felt a bit down and decided to visit her doctor. She found out that she needed to rest and drink a lot of water. Mercy mentioned she always puts everyone else before herself, especially when it comes to family and work, but now it’s beginning to take a toll on her. She realized at the end of the day; she needs to look out for herself. As should all of us, because to take care of others, start by taking care of yourself.

2. Unplug and Take A Well-Deserved Break: Whether it’s flying out of the country or a staycation, it’s important to spend quality time with yourself. Read books, watch movies, go for a swim or even use this period to do other things you have been wanting to do; for example, even though this has to do with work, Mercy brought her dream to life and followed her passion by building her own real estate business called Lambo homes. In this episode, Mercy also took a much-needed trip to London to relieve stress and rest, as her doctor prescribed. This decision is most likely to help mentally, emotionally and physically.

3. Spend Quality Time With People That Care About You: Majority of the time, loved ones such as family serve as the perfect people to confide in, give us advice and help take our minds off the baggage that sometimes come with work. We see Mercy having a heart to heart conversation with her sister, Promise, about her health, work, relationship, etc. We also witnessed Ike meeting up with his friend, Magnito to have a laugh and a bro-to-bro conversation. It feels good to offload as well as engage in fun activities with others.

4. Practice Good Schedule Planning: Some people might find it tough to separate work from their personal life. Mercy and Ike have struggled with this and have tried to do things together such as taking trips but work always found its way to disrupt their plans. Ike showed us in this episode that it can be difficult sometimes to take a break from work. He could not afford to take a trip to London with Mercy due to his tight schedule, even though Mercy advised him to try and see if he could cancel his engagements. Mercy carried on with her travel arrangements because she believes it was the right move for her. Everyone needs downtime, so remember to practice good schedule planning, and take your personal needs into consideration.

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