Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Eventlabgh is an authoritative source for event updates and entertainment news with unprecedented access to Ghana and Africa’s biggest stars and upcoming events.

We eat, sleep and breathe pop culture, delivering exclusive breaking news and in-depth celebrity coverage, events and red carpet livestreams, lifestyle trends and tips, and what’s viral now.

Eventlabgh has an unparalleled reach across all digital platforms and is the go-to destination to connect with young, influential, trendsetting consumers—anytime, anywhere—on subjects they care about.

TheEventlabgh audience is:
• 1.6x more likely to be ad-receptive
• 1.3x more likely to connect with brands on social platforms
• 1.4x more likely to be the first to try new products and services

We’re No. 1 in Social Engagement:
• 100,000: Total Roll Up (2017)
60,000: Instagram (2017)

Here’s how our latest monthly stats stack up:

Up to 150,000 website visits per month
Up to 250,000 web page view per month


• 1 in 4 African adults access Eventlabgh on one or more platforms and engage with our content in an average month.

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