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Schoolkid Rapper Samuel Owusu Deserves VGMA 2019 Nomination

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We live during an incredible time. Cars get sent into space, people learn to grow plants on the Moon, and schoolkids become new rap stars. This last instance is going to be the focus of this article. Samuel Owusu – the young and promising performer from Ghana, has been creating quite a stir lately and keeps surprising music fans all over the world. Let’s dive into his story and find out more about this young genius.

Did you ever hear about Samuel Owusu?

If you are a sports fan, you may have heard about at least one Samuel Owusu, and that is a Ghanaian midfielder from Turkish Gençlerbirliği S.K. – Samuel Kwame Owusu. But in this article, we are going to talk about his fellow countryman and a namesake, the star of Talented Kids Show – young rapper Samuel Owusu! How cool is that! So let’s find out who this kid is, and why there has been so much fuss around him lately.

A few words about rap culture

Rap originated from working areas of major cities of the United States in the 1970s and became very popular among young African-Americans. In the 80s, rap culture began to spread around the world gaining more and more recognition. Rap is not only a popular musical genre; it is a whole culture with its distinct characteristics style, art, language, attitudes, etc. Rap is usually associated with hip-hop and grime – all of them incorporate spoken word techniques and use beats for background arrangement.

Today rap music tops the charts, but its reputation is not always positive. The use of obscene language, the corresponding images on the covers of rap albums and in videos caused a negative attitude to rap. Today, rap has spread all over the world, and new and promising rap artists keep emerging in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and, of course, North and South America every week if not even more often. Now you know a little more about the genre, and can write a paper yourself without seeking help with assignment writing from any agencies! But let’s set aside all the education and students-related talks, and get back to Samuel Owusu.

So who is Samuel Owusu?

Samuel is just a little but a very talented boy who was born in Accra, the capital of Ghana and is now one of the youngest rappers in the world. So how did he become famous?

In Ghana, there is a talents show called Talented Kidz, and Samuel (who is only 11 years old!) won it in 2018. His powerful, outstanding performance left no doubts regarding the winner of the show. Throughout the whole season, his songs took the first places, and eventually, the boy was named the most talented kid and received an award from the best Ghana rapper Sarkodie. It was a great honour for a novice artist. The prize fund was 10 000 Ghc and also 50 000 Ghc for education, and a trip abroad. And now, the Clef Army – the fans of the youngest rapper in Ghana, as well as other fans, are sure that Samuel Owusu A.K.A Young King Clef should go to the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards this year.

What do you know about the VGMA 2019?

The ceremony was founded in 2000 and became very popular with both Ghana citizens the admirers from other countries. The event is quite similar to the American Music Awards, ALMA, Grammy Awards, MTV, etc. Like other shows, this one includes performances from various artists and, of course, the award show itself, which altogether makes it an exciting occasion.

Usually, the show is held at the beginning or mid-spring (March – April). This year, the show is said to happen in early April, so the nominees will be announced very soon. And most likely Samuel is going to be on the list of nominees.  

After the children’s show on the TV, Owusu continues his advances in the music industry: he writes new songs, shoots videos, etc. Watching him grow and improve both as a person and as a professional musician is inspiring for many young and adults all the same. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that now we are seeing the rise of the new Ghanaian star.

His latest and the most popular song is called “State of Affairs” – you can check it on YouTube. It is also available on iTunes and Apple Music. Samuel Owusu is performing under the stage name of Young King Clef – and that is how you can find more of his music and videos.

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