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Winnie Harlow’s Heartwarming Reaction To Seeing Herself on A Victoria’s Secret Screen

Follow @eventlabgh < Winnie Harlow‘s story is a very inspiring one, and we never get tired of reading about her...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 18, 2018


Winnie Harlow‘s story is a very inspiring one, and we never get tired of reading about her success stories.

The Canadian model who got her first shot at walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year, still can’t believe that she got to live her dream of walking in the show, and her reaction at seeing herself on a screen in a Victoria’s Secret shop is proof of how surreal the moment was for her.

She took to her Instagram to share a video of her staring in shock at herself on the screen and wrote,

OMGGG I’ve been waiting for this moment!!!!! To see myself inside an Airport Victoria’s Secret store is insane to me. I used to work in a lingerie store. It was my second job ever (after working in a call center). I used to see the same girl on the walls of this store. I used to look at her up there and think “i wanna be up there one day”. Never thinking not only would i be up in many stores, but I’d be inside VICTORIAS SECRET😭❤ Thank you guys for your support i couldn’t do this without your love. I love you!!!! I want to dedicate this major accomplishment to my agent, my brother, my family @MannyUk thank you for believing in me from the first day you met me. Walking into agencies with me whenever i could get to London and working your Manny Magic to get me bookings when i wasn’t yet known in Europe. You always made time. All out of the kindness of your heart and your belief in me (cause God knows i had no money😂😭). Thank you for now moving with me to NYC. Continuing with me on this journey and helping me every day in an amazing industry i once knew nothing about. Love you❤🙏🏽 (the silent scream cause I’m not trying to scare anyone in the airport 😂)

Watch the video below.

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