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Was the organizers of LivespotX Festival fair to Ghanaians during their concert in Ghana?

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 19, 2019


Ghana’s Year of Return is expected to attract 500,000 visitors, up from 380,000 in 2018. Music and the arts are a big draw to both cities, with AfroNation and Afrochella festivals in Accra. Following the turn up of events, LivespotX Festival was organized by Live Spot Nation in both Nigeria and Ghana with the Guest artist being no other than Cardi B.

Cardi B was slated to be in Nigeria and then to Ghana. Cardi did not only stay in the air-conditioned comfort of her hotel until her performance, the Bronx, New York rapper took some time to see the city of Nigeria, Went through a meet-and-greet session with young media personalities and crowned it with a wild, unscheduled night of debauchery at a high-profile strip club and even hung out with the strippers afterward.

She drove around the city and cracked jokes with locals she met. She even donated to a local orphanage and took photos with the orphanage staff, while sparing us all photos of poor black children. Even when she got sick on her trip to Ghana and missed a seemingly-unscheduled meet-and-greet with the Ghanaian celebrities who were furious but she was apologetic and rearranged her schedule to meet with them before her show.

Her show in Ghana though lit and fun but not as that which she had in Nigeria. Through the whole brouhaha that occurred with the “Bodak Yellow” crooner, Ghanaian Celebrities have took to their Instagram pages to address and blame the organizers for being incompetent in their delivery.

Can it be concluded that the organizers were not fair to Ghanaians as it is alleged that they are of the Nigerian origin?

Written by; Roberta Gabby

Source: Beenie Words

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