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Did you know it would cost up to $1million to change 25-year old air conditioners at the National Theater?

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 3, 2017


The National Theater has come under criticism in recent times for the nonfunctioning air conditioners in their auditoriums.  But officials of National Theater say there no end in sight to the problems facing the venue, any time soon.

The Deputy Executive Director for National Theater, Towfik Prah has told Zionfelix that they have to inform Chinese government of any plan to renovate the place since they offered it as a gift to Ghana for them to support financially.

He added that the money they make from National Theater is not for only keeping the place alive. Mr. Prah revealed that more than half of their income is invested into the productions of their three resident groups – National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Theater Players.

Commenting on the air-condition problem which has generated the public backlash for them, Towfik disclosed that programs like Annual General Meetings (AGM) which bring together few people face no problem but ones with huge number of people like the Becca @ 10 concert generate heat which cannot be cooled by the air-conditions they have at the place. He admitted that the machines have problem because they have not changed them after they were fixed into the auditorium 25 years ago when National Theate was constructed.

Mr Prah continued that they mostly plead with event organisers who hire the place to organise big events to support them with additional air-conditions or fans to prevent heat at the auditorium, but they fail to heed to their call.

“It’s a laudable idea to tell us to change the air-conditions but the money to change them is about a million dollar. They are huge water-chilled machines but not the normal ones people see around. The type of air-condition we have can be found in about two big companies in the country. Most businesses and hotels have changed theirs because of the cost they come with.”

He further mentioned that National Theater is thinking of  how to support the air-conditions they have because they are planning of a major renovation which is expected to happen ending of 2018.


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