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Volta Region selects 10 New Talents “Appietus National Music Production Project 2018”

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 14, 2018


It has been an exciting but cumbersome 4 weeks for the Volta Regional Chapter of the Ghana musician union headed by Mr. Anthony Dogber. Him and his team of expertise and local executives of the Volta musician union has been around the entire 36 districts within the Volta Region to announce the project and drum up local interest, support and education for the ‘Appietus National Music Production Project 2018’.


Finally a fine selection of the tall list of materials they received from all the districts in the region, was carefully reviewed by the appointed team who came up with a final ten (10x) up and coming artist selected and outdoor to the Volta Region musician union and the people as a whole. Indeed the euphoria and excitement within the region is enormous and already the newly selected ‘10x’ in an initial interview stated that they can feel the pressure of the entire region on them to give their best in this one in a life time music recording, promotion and job opportunity provided by Mr. Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus “In Da Mix” initiative and national project.


Indeed the competition has started and has begun with a lot of heat and pure musical vibes .Having the opportunity to experience first-hand at the renowned ‘Creative Studios’ based in Dansoman, Accra the first few recording sessions by two (2x) of the selected ten (10x) artist from the Volta Region; I can confidently inform all of the other regions to brace themselves and really select with caution as to be able to much the heat that is coming from the Volta Region.

Let us remind ourselves that no producer has ever in the history of Ghana music embarked on such an ambitious music production project across all the ten regions of the country. We at okromouthafrica will like to congratulate the beat mogul and his team and will encourage Government agencies Corporate Ghana and others to support in their own way so we can bring this idea of recording 100 free songs every year (10x) in each region into a living reality many years after we are gone.

Please take time to watch the photos of the selected ten (10x) and a video of the recording sessions with two (2x) of the selected ten (10x) from the Volta Chapter of the Ghana musicians union .For more information and new updates on the project follow Appietus on these social media pages Facebook: appietusappiahdankwah Instagram: appietusmix and Twitter: appietusindamix.

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