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Shatta Michy successfully organises Hairstyling Masterclass for 20 young ladies.

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 12, 2018


We live in a world where women are hardly given equal opportunities as men but when you have a few good women who already have the platform and stretch out their hands to other women so they can also join them at the top, then you know the world isn’t bad after all.

Diamond Michelle Gbagonah a.k.a Shatta Michy has proven to the world that she believes in empowering her fellow young women. She put together a program dubbed ‘Shatta Michy Hairstyling Masterclass in collaboration with Kush By Taylar’ that gave young women the opportunity to learn a skill which they can benefit from financially for life.

On Saturday, about 20 young women converged at the Airport View hotel to attend an exclusive hair styling master class hosted by Shatta Michy. She partnered with renowned and celebrity hairstylist Kush by Taylar who is behind some of the most iconic hairstyles seen and rocked on the red carpet by celebrities like Selly Galley, Yvonne Okoro, Zynell Zuh, Serwaa Amihere,Berla Mundi and even Shatta Michy.

The hairstyling master class was divided into four segments and spanned over 7 hours.

Speaking to Kush by Taylar, he reiterated that everybody expected to be at the program was available and those targeted were the ones who were already into hairstyling but still needed guidelines and a few tips to become professionals.

She also said ‘this is something that has never really happened before especially when it’s a good way of empowering women and helping them acquire a skill that will fetch them money. Even a 9 year old girl was there. She could style hair already but wasn’t a professional so the program helped her acquire the needed skill to better her trade and also get her a certificate’.

Shatta Michy also gave the ladies tips on how to be successful entrepreneurs and how they could successfully run their own business.

Shatta Michy and Kush by Taylar plan to extend the hairstyling masterclass to other regions and even add other skills like ‘making up’ to it so women across Ghana can be empowered.

The event was also supported by 4Reall Beauty products.

Written by Ewura Esi Adda

Source: Beenie Words

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