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Toosweet Annan says leaked video of him wanking off was edited, and he never defrauded anyone of $13,000

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 14, 2017


Toosweet Annan sextape

Toosweet Annan

Toosweet Annan has finally spoken about the masturbation video that was leaked by a said jilted woman he defrauded of $13,000, after promising to marry her.

Lilian Efya was reported to have said ten months back that “Toosweet Annan is one of the best players I’ve ever met. I was with him for a year and he told me many lies. He told me he would marry me. He lied to me that he needed $13,500 for his business and that he would later use the money from the business for our wedding. After I sent the money, I later got information that he used the money for the pub of his so-called baby mama”.

The actor on the latest webisode of Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix stated that he kept quiet about the matter when it first surfaced because he wanted to investigate before making a comment on it. He continued that he knows no lady in the States with the name Lilian Efya so he was surprised when he read that he has duped one Efya in the USA. According to the father of one, he has never taken cash from any lady promising to marry her so he cannot fathom why someone would create such a lie just to tarnish his image. He opined that the allegation of him taking cash from the lady promising to marry her did not make sense.

The actor later dared any lady who feels he has defrauded her to come public for the world to hear her story.

Mr Annan further told Zionfelix, host of the show that his investigations revealed that the telephone number the said Lilian Efya used to call journalists to make the claim belonged to a certain doctor in USA which tells the issue was a plot to disgrace him.

When quizzed about the masturbation video the lady leaked to back her point that they were in an amorous relationship, the old boy of Nungua Senior High School made it clear that he was not the guy in the footage. He said the video was edited for the purpose for which it was used.

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