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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 11, 2020


Let’s be honest. Very few of us are having a great year. 2020 is not going so well. Unemployment is on the rise. YFm, one of the top radio stations in Ghana, just sacked several top radio presenters and DJs. This includes MzNaa and Caroline Sampson. Can you imagine that?! They’re letting go of their top gunners because they can’t afford to pay them. That’s major.

Just hours ago, Afronation made an announcement. Read the full statement below:

         Full statement from Afronation on its annual festival


Whatever happened to Afronation 2020? You got that right. Cancelled! Anyone who rushed to purchase tickets for Afronation Portugal 2020 will have to wait till 2021 (And who is to say that won’t get cancelled also?). The Olympics is cancelled. Other sporting events all over the world have been cancelled. Several other events have been cancelled. Your weekend ‘chilling’ itself has been cancelled.

What we’re all most concerned about currently is staying alive. The coronavirus pandemic has infected over 4,200,000 people and killed over 280,000 people worldwide (as at the time of this publication). See the link below for live numbers.


The entire world is on edge, because health systems are being overwhelmed and no one can accurately predict how things are going to go from here.

So as much as we’re all dying to get back to “normal”, 2020 has presented us with a new normal. A new normal of working from home and schooling via e-learning platforms. A new normal of constantly washing our hands and wearing face masks (walking around looking like gangsters). A new normal of avoiding crowds and handshakes. 2020 has been weird and anything but normal. Can we all just agree to cancel this year like it never happened, and not add it to our age? We certainly wish we could.

By Kwame Aseidu (@justakwame)

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