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Three BFFs define ‘Makeup’ with ‘REDCHERRY – the new MakeOver’

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at May 3, 2017


Three best friends team up to redefine the meaning of makeup and lifestyle with their newest project – RED CHERRY IMAGE.

The story of Esther, Frema and Nana Ama started just like how every lady loves make overs before going for every event or activity as friends.

According to the ladies, Red Cherry image came up because if they look at how the craze for make up and fashion is growing speedily among the youth especially ladies they thought of how they can use that idea to help change society’s perception of women for the good.

‘When a lady does make over, it represents so many things. The power of beauty gives every woman the ability to walk with confidence every where they go hence channeling that power into something positive is what RED CHERRY IMAGE is about – they opined.

They explained how the name RED CHERRY IMAGE came about as – ‘we were looking for a name that every young girl could relate to, a name that represents the love for girls and make up hence we settled on ‘REDCHERRY’ – the new Make over.

‘Our objective is – in what ever you do as a young woman, do it with confidence, elegance and zeal just like how you feel when you look beautiful after a good makeover’, they added.

RED CHERRY IMAGE is here to give you the new make over as a young lady. For the newest couples, the REDCHERRY bridal treat is for you, for the young working executive and friends try their ‘REDCHERRY Woman Image’ to make you look exquisite for any event and if you love to look fashionable the ‘REDCHERRY Go Girl’ is simply for you.

Let your make up mean more, check us on Instagram – REDCHERRY IMAGE and share in our zeal, confidence and power of the new make over.

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