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South African Pastor Found Guilty Of Raping Man

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Anticipation for the Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC) is at an all-time high as the countdown to the conference and its unprecedented artist showcase. ARMC attendees are primed to enjoy world-class performances from the exceptional line-up that boasts artists from various countries, including focus territory, The Netherlands.

The pivotal talents of Eritrea-born vocalist Rimon, Ghanaian artist based in the South East of Amsterdam, BnnyHunna and South African-Dutch singer-songwriter Joya Mooi are set to ignite the stage, highlighting their musical style, genre and impeccable skillset.

This cohort of Global musical aptitude will also feature Producers Spanker (one of the biggest Dutch Hip-Hop producers), Yung Dada (a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has worked with prominent artists and is now working on a solo project), and esteemed artist Frenna (a vocalist and one of the most renowned artists in the Netherlands).

ARMC 2022 themes: Women’s Voices: Amplifying them in the music business
Building Bridges: Exchange between Africa and the world
Independent Africa: Developing, understanding and creating new opportunities

Heavily music-focused, ARMC sets itself apart by bringing a cocktail of international artists to merge with the South African market, focusing on ambassadors, panels, and podcasts.

The showcase format will see local acts and acts perform over two nights across the electronic & urban genres from The Netherlands, Germany, and Austria perform.

Says DME: “We as the Dutch Music Export are truly proud to create such a versatile space for connecting, learning and building within the music industry.”

Buy your ticket now online via Howler.
Tickets are limited.

ARMC By Night – 24th May 2022

-Joya Mooi

A reminder of the unique, all-female ambassador lineup:

Tumi Mogapi (South Africa) Women In Music South Africa
Money Ba Doo (South Africa) Artist / Songwriter
Anyiko Owoko (Kenya) Anyiko PR
JAMIIE (Germany) Artist, Producer, Afrohouse Beatport Curator
Dieuwertje Heuvelings (Netherlands) – Dutch Music Export

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