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Five Things That Are Worse Than Getting ‘Served Breakfast’

Follow @eventlabgh < Like the famous street anthem, Last Last, everybody go chop breakfast! It has become normalised. It has...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 12, 2022


Like the famous street anthem, Last Last, everybody go chop breakfast! It has become normalised. It has now been seen as a necessary step for character development. However, that does not make it hurt less.

Mr Macaroni In the Kunle Afolayan film, Anikulapo

As much as it hurts to get heartbroken, some things are worse than getting your shattered by the love of your life who you thought would be beside you forever, things that make you feel irritated and instantly stupid when you are getting petty over the situation. Here are five things that are worse than getting your heart broken

1. Plugging Your Phone All Night Only To Wake Up And See That It Didn’t Charge.

For the average person, phones are like an extension of them. So, to plug it away from you only for it to not charge can jolt 100 volts of pain into your system, especially in places like Nigeria where IKEDC chooses when to show mercy to us with their light.

2. Meeting Stew In A Container Meant For Ice Cream

Before you get introduced to the world of relationships, this is one thing that prepares you for that moment. The pain when you go to the fridge and see an ice cream container only to find stew in it, the urge to roll your eyes and scream at someone would never be greater.

3. Streaming Platforms Removing Their Money When You’re Broke

Music and movie streaming platforms are the most brutal when collecting their subscription. Whether your account balance is ₦3000 or ₦5000, they remove everything without notice as long as it pays for your subscription.

4. Hitting Your Knees On A Stool In The Dark

Sometimes we tend to overrate our night visions. All is well until that sharp pain that comes as a result of hitting your knees on the stool comes. The person that dropped the stool there, you that hit your knee on it, everything will make you angry.

5. Getting Into Trouble For Something You Didn’t Do

It’s one thing to apologise for something you did. It’s another thing to apologise for something you had no hand in. The pain you feel at that moment, with tears streaming down your face is unrivalled.

Which of these things do you consider worse than getting your heart broken?

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