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Poetyk Prynx to do narration for Mr Eazi’s “Life is Eazi; Lagos 2 London”

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 14, 2018



Spoken word guru Poetyk Prynx is set to do a narration for Mr Eazi’s Life is Eazi; Lagos 2 London.

Poetyk Prynx hit Mr Eazi up on social media after the ‘property’ hit maker put out the tracklist for his forthcoming album.

He tweeted:

“Bruh, Make I do spoken word narration give this volume errh? 👀”

And Mr Eazi responded with “Haha oya email na chk my bio.”

Poetyk Prynx has mailed Mr Eazi and let’s wait and see the final outcome.

Poetyk Prynx is young Ghanaian born and raised in Nigeria, known for his incredible artistic gifts – he’s an art enthusiast, an art curator, a poet, a spoken word artiste, writer, saxophonist, illustrator, graphic designer and a graduate in physics (Electronics Major) – POETYK PRYNX also loves to identify as an activist (with interest in mental health especially) and humanitarian. Poetyk Prynx hopes to change the world, one poem at a time.


Source: Beenie Words

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