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By Eventlabgh , in News Celebrity Entertainment Music Video , at November 8, 2017

Offei with the brand new single “Human Being” Featuring Kwesi Arthur out on all digital platforms


In the global music industry currently, new names are creeping to occupy the huge thrones. Ghana is no different, as we have fresh breeds of artistes in a takeover. Offei happens to be a giant among these fresh wavy artistes. After marking his name with the singles “Let It Go” and “Communication” (off Paq’s Afrobeat Tape), the singer has been climbing stages each weekend to serve quality entertainment. He readies a new single to quench the thirst of his fans and every lover of good music. The singer cum guitarist features “Grind Day” hitmaker, Kwesi Arthur on this one produced by Paq.

The song titled “Human Being” basically explains itself, it talks about the fact that we human beings are not God and that whatever our opinions are about a fellow human being, it is only what God has said concerning the person that stands. Often in life we find ourselves with a lot of haters once things start getting better for us. Others think it is only through them that our success can be achieved, but little do they know that God has planned such blessings and it’s manifesting in our lives.

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Again as humans, we’re influenced by people around us, and if one keeps getting negative vibes, it’s very easy for that person to yield to such negativity. Hence, it’s therefore imperative to address such an issue. “Human Being” therefore seeks to give a constant reminder that God has a better plan for us. It’s not what another human being will say or do that would change the graceful happenings that would eventually occur in our lives. Offei sings passionately about this concept, reechoing the statement “human being no be God”, as Kwesi Arthur lays a smooth and rich verse.

In the end all things are good through God. We just have to keep our head high and hustle, One day surely, e go be. “Human Being” is now available on the various music blogs and streaming platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

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