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Life Hacks For A Bachelor This Season

Follow @eventlabgh < Detty December is finally over and now we have to live with the reality of Cold January. ...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 10, 2020


Detty December is finally over and now we have to live with the reality of Cold January.  You’ve attended all the concerts and raves, hung out with friends- drinks have been on you, as a sure guy. Now you’re left with 5 working weeks in January and a much lighter pocket. 

Well, MultiChoice with DStv Thanks has come to the rescue with discounts on some of your favourite things and places. Even though January is long, you can still enjoy reduced prices on your outings and comfort yourself with the best thing on TV. 

Enjoy a 10% discount on movie tickets from Silverbird Cinemas. Watching movies alone is underrated, you can have fun all by yourself without any distractions or having to explain the movie to your partner. So just cop a Silverbird Cinema ticket with a 10% discount and have the time of your life. 

At Addide, more is more, because you get a 10% discount if you spend 5,000 naira or more shopping. Walk the aisles and pile your basket with all your favourite things to enjoy by yourself.


No one to split a ride fare with? No problem! Bolt has got your back with the 30% discount available on every ride. 

Have all the pizza you can eat at Domino’s Pizza with a 15% discount off selected pizza pies. 

No girlfriend to shorten your ration because you have your food all to yourself. The Place has a 5% discount on any purchase, so enjoy your favourite meal without interruption.  

And for tips to find the love of your life, catch up on Ultimate Love, first of its kind, is a reality TV show centred around single male and female strangers living together in an isolated location with the hopes of finding life-long love. They are paired based on their mutual attraction to one another as they compete to emerge the ultimate couple of the competition. The show will air live, 24/7 on all DStv and select GOtv packages starting February 2020. 

All you have to do to enjoy all the discounts is to renew your DStv subscription before it expires, and you will be eligible for the DStv Thanks promo. That’s it!

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