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Nadia Buari replies those who think she’s a boring

Follow @eventlabgh < Nadia Buari has dismissed claims that she’s a boring entertainer.During a panel discussion on ‘Daybreak Hitz’, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah told...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 27, 2017


Nadia Buari has dismissed claims that she’s a boring entertainer.
During a panel discussion on ‘Daybreak Hitz’, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah told Andy Dosty that the actress’  silence on controversial issues about her does not help the showbiz industry. He said:
“I’ve been following Nadia for some time now, and I think that if every celebrity in Ghana is like Nadia, I’m not sure we’ll have topics to discuss on entertainment shows. It’s evident; everybody knows that Nadia Buari does not speak to the media as often as she should. Imagine if the likes of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Afia Schwarzenegger and all those loud people were like Nadia Buari, imagine how our industry will be.

So from a journalist point of view, I think that Nadia is very boring and though it doesn’t make her a bad person, I think that most people will attest to the fact that Nadia is very boring and somewhat antisocial. When you go on (movie) sets, Nadia will come and act her part and go back into her car. She wouldn’t want to even mingle with some of her colleagues even though she has no problems with them. You can speak to any actor or movie producer for confirmation and you can also search for her interviews on YouTube, you can’t get information from Nadia Buari”

But speaking to Doreen Avio on Joy news, Nadia, who is set to premiere her new movie ‘DERANGED’, dismissed the entertainment critic’s assertion arguing it’s only a figment of somebody’s imagination.

She also explained her reasons for not reacting to stories peddled about her.

Well honestly, that’s his opinion. If he thinks I’m boring, okay I’m boring to him but I don’t think I’m boring. The simple fact that I don’t come out and talk about issues doesn’t make me boring. The thing is, you guys write the stories before you get clarifications. You don’t consult me, you put the story out there, and then you want me to clarify, confirm or deny but the story is already out there. So why didn’t you call to confirm or find out whether or not it was true before putting the story out there.”

So what is the guarantee that when I deny or confirm the story, the number of people who have read the story, are the same number of people that are going to read the clarification? So I’ll rather not talk about it”

The mother of two also explained that she’s sometimes not available because of her job as a career woman and mother.

“I’m busy; I’m a mum, I’m a career woman and I travel around and work. So maybe at the time they try to reach me, I’m unavailable but the times that I’m around, I make myself available”


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