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Meet the new music sensational twins from Ghana, T-Twinz

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at April 27, 2019


Day in day out, the Ghanaian music scene welcomes new talents and acts, T-Twinz are not an exception to this fact but is exceptional as a twin musical group.

We all know the ups and downs of music duos in the country and Africa but this music duo T-Twinz known in real life as Francis Nyantor and Frank Nyantor promises to be different.

In a chat with Philisaonline the duo said concerning why amongst all careers in the world they choose music, they explained “it has always been our passion to do music since infancy and as we grew up ,we use to sing in church as well. We believe music is a medium of communications to tell  a story to audience and speak to their soul in terms of any situation but we are professional barbers as well”.


Continuing, the added that the journey so far has not been easy since its easy to break our industry with senseless songs rather than doing good music.

“We are still pushing hard and believe sometime will come that Ghanaian will understand the important of good music to our culture and soul”.

The Afro-dancehall duo further stated that they are ready to speak to Ghanaians through music in all ways.

They currently have 3 songs “backcase, Danduruwa, Regret ft shortcode on the market which are doing wonderful and can be downloaded them from soundcloud.

On rare facts, T-Twinz have over 20 singles and are currently working on an album which the details of it will be out soon for the public

Also, T-Twinz exclaimed that Ghanaians should expect good music from that will promote our rich Ghanaian culture talk about our social issues, love and more.

Commenting on their record label the said they are yet but are opened to one.

“we are not official sign to any record label but have a manager who is supporting our career in terms of promotion. NY Spirit CEO of NY records for now and we must say that we are very open for any deal or contract to be on a label, the added”.

Follow T-twinz music on all social media, or call for bookings on 0555183593.

Source: Beenie Words

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