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LISTEN: AmStarDaph gets critical with “This Is Nairobi” song

Follow @eventlabgh < “This Is Nairobi” is a song by Kenyan rapper AmStarDaph. Written by Achoki Navy and produced by...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 19, 2018


“This Is Nairobi” is a song by Kenyan rapper AmStarDaph. Written by Achoki Navy and produced by VTR, it was released on December 14, 2018.

Kenyan Hip Hop sensation AmStarDaph is pleased to share the release of his latest single and Music Video Today 14th December 2018. Titled ‘This Is Nairobi’ the song is inspired by Donald Glover’s (Childish Gambino) This Is America.

Unlike the later that focuses on political injustice and rasicm, Daph’s This Is Nairobi takes on social injustice, Moral Values and Vice in the city of Nairobi.

“The song is actually about the untold stories of the city of Nairobi. It’s about the vices that have become the new norms,” AmStarDaph

The track focus on corruption, crazy nightlife among others. The rapper also takes shots on Kenyans who tweet about play 254 music but end up requesting Bongo music in the clubs. Promoter’s who exploit artists by not paying them for performance were not spared either, “Pay Me in cash, exposure si currency,” He raps.

The track is relate-able for people in kenya. The track is as real as it can be. This is Nairobi is available on all digital platforms here:

About AmStarDaph
Born Achoki Navy Mosomi, AmStarDaph born in Nyamira county, started doing music as young as 15 years old when he recorded his first single, “SupaGal” while in High School.

At the age of 18 he went ahead to release his second track “Utafanya Nini? ” while studying at the Kenyatta University. The track was featured in the now defunct Zuqka Weekly Charts for 3 Weeks, ahead of Juacali and Juliani’s hit collabo, “Si Siri”.

He took a long break to find his music style and brace himself with the necessary knowledge about the music industry. As the year ends he’s back with his latest installation and third single This Is Nairobi.

AmStarDaph doubles as a rapper and the Founder and Creative Director at Fly Media.

Source: Beenie Words

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