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“I Don’t Have A Sugar Daddy But I Have A Boyfriend” – Actress Liz Anjorin Opens Up

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at February 18, 2017


In a chat with Saturday Beats, Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin, who in 2016 moved from a rented apartment to her own house in Lekki Phase One, and also embarked on a multi-million naira movie project titled, ‘Owo Nairabet.’, has revealed that she has no rich sugar daddy somewhere bankrolling everything.

The single mother of one, said she had heard of such but in all honesty, all she has achieved has been through her sweat and blood and revealed that though she is a celebrity, she sleeps on the bare floor in her shop and even has her bath in public all because she is “hustling”.

She said;

“As a young woman, no sugar daddy would want to invest in you without getting a baby from you. I work like a slave and I sleep in my shop in Ogba.

I don’t just sleep there for a day but for weeks. I stay in Lekki Phase One but I sleep on the bare floor in my shop for months.

I bathe in a gutter, my workers would hold a cloth to cover me from the public eye and I would bathe there and I am a celebrity.

This is what I do often and I work like a slave. Aside from being an actress, I am a fashion designer; I also sell jewellery, shoes and bags.

I used to travel out of the country most times to Senegal to buy goods but I cannot do that anymore because of the exchange rate.

The clothes that we used to sell for about N70,000 is now about N160,000 and nobody has such money anymore.

When I travel to Senegal to buy my goods, nobody knows that I am a celebrity because I work like a slave.

Sometimes if I am in a hurry to return to Nigeria and they have not finished my works in Senegal, I would join them and begin to sew.

If I had a sugar daddy somewhere, would I go through all this stress? I thank God that I am doing fine on my own.

I have paid my dues. In fact, you cannot tell children of nowadays to sleep on the bare floor, they would not listen.

When my daughter is around, she joins me and sleeps on the bare floor and same goes for my sister, Arike.

I do all these because if I decide to always go to Lekki, I may not be able to save money.
The truth of the matter is that I have paid my dues; I endure a lot even more than my age and stardom. If you work hard, God would surely reward your effort.

I don’t have a sugar daddy anywhere. If I had a sugar daddy, people would know because they would want a child from me.

No man in Nigeria would invest so much in you without expecting something in return,” 

The actress further hinted that she is in a relationship at the moment and she feels blessed to have a partner who understands and appreciates her work.

“I have a boyfriend and I really appreciate him for being there.
He is very understanding and nice. As a young woman, if you date a man that is always collecting money from you, the lady would not progress in life but when you are dating a man that is not after your money, whatever you get, people would notice that you are doing well.

My boyfriend is a very busy person, so my busy schedule does not really affect him. As a celebrity, if you want to date a man, go for the busy ones.
If you need to have time for yourself, both parties would clear their schedule.

There was a time my boyfriend travelled for about two months and when he went to my house, my guard told him that I had not been home for weeks so he called me.

I told him I was in my shop and he decided to have a video call with me.
He was shocked the way I looked and had to ask why I looked terrible because I had been in the shop sleeping on the ground,” 



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