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The Pearl Amoah Fashion Show set for Nungua Junction Mall, December 30

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The second edition of The Pearl Amoah Fashion Show, a high end fashion event for an exclusive audience, will take place on December 30, at  the Nungua Junction Mall  from 6:00pm.

With the aim of developing the creative industries in Ghana, which includes art, fashion, and textiles, the show would draw on African culture as a unique selling point. According to former Miss Universe turned fashion designer, Pearl Amoah,  to develop one of these areas, such as fashion, African and Ghanaian brands, designers and manufacturers, government and developing partners would need to come together, to build the supply chain across the country. This would in turn create trade patterns for the country.

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She said: “Fashion is a very lucrative business, but to be a successful fashion designer and have a well-known brand in Africa and beyond, one must have the right connections, networks and opportunities. That’s where designers like the late Kofi Ansah, Be Arthur and other legends in the fashion industry come in these legends placed Ghana on the world fashion map and some of us followed.”

“Me being a former beauty queen, a fashion designer and with 25years of experience in the fashion industry I believe I have caved a nich for myself in this fashion world both locally and internationally. After working with international modeling agencies like Ford Modeling Agency in New York between 1997 and 2005, also worked for world renowned modeling agencies as Metropolitan Modeling Agency, Metropolitan Paris Modeling Agency, Click Modeling management and 212artiste. I think is time to help the up and coming fashion designers and models to boost their clientele.

THE PEARL AMOAH FASHION SHOW will showcase designers who create couture and finely garment and accessories. In addition this show will spotlight young and talented models the unique opportunity to showcase their skills on the runway. The concept of this exciting event is to create a good environment a top of the line runway show and for buyers to have the opportunity to place orders and interact with designers which we believe can help the up and coming fashion designers to increase their clientele .

THE PEARL AMOAH FASHION SHOW will create networking; it will create opportunity for designers and lifestyle brands to meet within the creative arts industry, media, music, actors and a host of other people they can possibly work with, including potential customers.

THE PEARL AMOAH FASHION SHOW will help the fashion industry to contribute to the economy to its maximum potential. This show will inspire, connect and empower both known and up and coming designers. Finally it will enable the Ghanaian fashion industry to compete with foreign companies and also promote tourism and national culture We believe the world has it eyes on African fashion at the moment, with companies like Samsung, Moet &chandon, Mercedes Benz all supporting, funding and creating shows and events focusing on African fashion.

“I believe more companies will consider Africa as a new fashion market which will create more opportunities and employment to the youth. We are looking forward to have a great fashion show; our production team will make sure that every seat feels like a front row seat We are looking forward to have a great relationship with our sponsors, designers, models, the press and everyone,” Pearl Amoah concluded.

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