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Dr. Cryme eulogized at 2nd Play Africa BonFIRE Night with the Stars – PHOTOS

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at August 13, 2018


Play Africa music streaming company is reaching all musicians on their TOP 10 chart at their neighborhoods for BonFIRE night event and truly musicians in Tema proved this weekends that they have the best of stars in Ghana.

On Saturday 11th August, 2018 at Tema Community 1, about 20 musicians and music fans came together to celebrate Dr Cryme  during Play Africa BonFIRE night with the stars that was held.  Dr Cryme new single ‘My Bae’, which features Stonebwoy, has risen to No.3 for the most streamed songs on Play Africa for two months after it’s released on the music streaming app.

D Cryme, known as Darlington Kwasi Agyekum has 48 songs on Play Africa and is currently the only musician who is listed on his self-created genre called Twi pop.

Play Africa as the fastest growing and the biggest African music library in Africa is not only promoting the sales of music as its main agenda but also educating the masses to end free download of music.

On the night Dr. Cryme supported he will sing Hallelujah if he wakes up one day and all his songs that are out there for free will no longer be access for free but rather people and music lovers could pay to listen at all time. ‘ To all my loyal fans, if my music can satisfy your soul and occasion fill back our pocket by buying from Play Africa but not downloading for free’ He noted.

“Enough of the free things in this system. And its hard time our hard work has to pay for”. He also noted that it cost a lot to record just a single and this is what has caused most artiste not to be able to produce even an album. Simply because, we hardly earn on our music simply because our hard works are out there for free. During the BonFire night Dcryme indicate that it has been the norm for musicians to be visible by putting their songs on blogs for free but refused to think about how to get sustainable income through sales and streaming.

As part of Dr.Cryme social responsibility, he wished to bring back all Tema musicians back together as they used to be. He cried aloud that ‘we need to be united again’ and this will help grow our music industry than ever before.

Some of the favorite musician who supported Dr. Cryme during the BonFire night included; Music producer Master Garzy, Danso Abiam, Black Kat, Ephraim and the whole Twi Pop records crew.


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