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Amandzeba, Nana Asaase, Patch Bay Band supports Lamisi on her “Brighter Side” Album Tour – PHOTOS

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at April 2, 2019


In life there are two things; it’s either you see the brighter side of life or the dark side. World music act, Lamisi, pleasurably intense stimulation of the feelings of fans by explaining to them to the importance of seeing the brighter side of life with her powerful vocals and stage performance at +233 Jazz Bar And Grill when she sung songs on her maiden album titled “Brighter Side” last Saturday night.

Ably and vigorously noted multi talented MC, radio and TV presenter at Multimedia, KMJ was the official MC, the man got vibes laced with style. He has an enviable fashion sense; you can’t take it away from him. Martin Luther King Band were the opening acts for the night followed by spoken word act cum poet Nana Asaase. He dashed out fragrance of deeply composed spoken word. Brenya’s “Kelewele” high life song got patrons asking, who’s this guy? Accomplished and popular high lifer, Amandzeba was so on point like a focused laser. His performance with Lamisi; the little said the better. Patch Bay Band hypnotized everybody like nobody’s business.

It was a night of indelible experience because it was one of the many defining moments for her as an artist. Each individual had a feel of what it means to see things from the brighter side. You should have been there to witness the colorful display of rich musical performance, make sure you don’t miss her next tour slated on 3/4/2019 at Republic Bar, Osu.

Words may not be enough to describe exactly what happened last Saturday night, but I’m sure the videos below will add contrast to the words:

• Lamisi’s performance with Amandzeba and Patch Bay Band:

• Nana Asaase’s performance:

• Brenya’s performance:

• Performance from Martin Luther King Band:

Written by: John Claude Tamakloe.

Source: Beenie Words

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