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Knanfe’s Debut Collection Is Every Stylish Girl’s Dream!

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 17, 2018


A few things speak to my fashion soul as much as a new brand hitting all the right marks with its debut collection; which is why I’m thoroughly in love with this capsule collection/campaign from emerging womenswear brand, Knanfe. Everything from the styling to the photography and the choice of model was nailed to the T. And the pieces? To die for!

Aptly named COSMOPOLITAN, the collection features a unique utilization of up to the minute fabrics with sleek and structured minimalistic overtones; perfect for summer, spring and feel-good moments for every fashionable woman.

Details include a juxtaposition of pastel colors with the infusion of a mix of mesh, crepe and organza with the pieces consisting of pants sets, panel skirts, jackets, and colorful separates; not leaving out the stripes, asymmetric cuts and butterfly sleeves. The structure, fluidity of fabrics, clean lines and unique shapes are the highlights of the collection; details that define the brand and the creative personality of the Knanfe Woman.

Knanfe is owned by fashion and beauty model Jemimah Nanfe Kefas-Oyeleke, who says the brand and the collection is inspired by her parents who instilled a love for fashion into her at an early age. In her words: ‘I look back to how it all started, the story of my mom a dressmaker and especially my late father, who was a photographer before he joined the Nigerian Police Force. My dad was a fashion enthusiast who loved to photograph me when I was a young girl. ‘Knanfe’ the brand name is a fusion of my name and my dad’s and the raison d’être is a testament to living out my dream inspired by my parents, encouraging achieving fashionista to find beauty in limbo but to strive to achieve their heart-set aspirations.’

See lookbook photos below.


Design Brand: Knanfe @knanfe

Creative Direction: @mimzbee for @knanfe

Model: @uto_rosman

Styling: @thestyleinfidel

Hair Styling: @ceezystyling


Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke @emmanueloyelekephotography

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