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All signed-up Artistes on Play Africa can access their income and request payment at all times

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 27, 2018


The management of Play Africa will like to thank all musicians across Africa who have signed up on the streaming service in making Play Africa the fastest growing music data hub for African Music.

Information reaching us indicates that some musicians who are in hurry for payments share after signing up to the streaming service are going round through various communication channels to discourage other fellow musicians to sign up with reasons management is not aware of. Since the official Press launch of Play Africa on February 23rd 2018, the team has been able to host one of the highest music data from Africa by registering over 170 Artistes. All signed up artiste have their profiles, links to share and backend where they can easily see how many times their songs are been played and how much they are making and request for payment. Management for a period of Nine months since the official launch of Play Africa have been doing excellently in reaching Artiste, Record labels and Executive producers to be able to have contents to feed music lovers across the continent.

During the launch of the streaming service, the CEO Mr. Isaac Filson indicated that, the first phase of the project would be for data collection, which will enable Play Africa to build the biggest music library in Africa and be able to feed music lovers with the desired collections needed. “How do we sell if we don’t have the music?” he asked. In the second phase of the project that starts in 2019, management has outlined series of marketing strategies to equally promote all artistes that have signed up on the platform. Some of these include sales activation during Artiste programs, Radio tour, TV commercials and interviews, Periodic Press Releases, Music festivals, BonFIRE night with the stars and Africa music conferences.

In a period of nine months, Play Africa has been able to release the Top10 songs monthly and host BonFIRE nights with the stars for the Top10 artistes that helps to educate musicians and their fans across the country about the need to monetize their music and the need for music fans to pay to listen to music. This has been a good credit for the rapid growth of the streaming service.

To reduce the cost of playing music from early 2019, music lovers will stream music on Play Africa OFFLINE and highly embark on END FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD campaign.

(Source: Play Africa)

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