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The Top 3 Designers that took Arise Fashion Week 2020 by Storm

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 21, 2020


The Arise Fashion Week 2020 was set up as a competition for the next generation of Fashion Designers. This year’s theme ‘Arise Fashion Week – 30 Under 30 – The New Stars’ saw 30 young fashion designers compete for the prize sum of $100,000.

The showcase consisted of 30 daring young designers who were selected from across the world. They presented their designs through virtual live shows from across various platforms including ArisePlay and Arise News Channel.

The top three were announced by Naomi Campbell.

Mmuso Maxwell, the second runner-up went home with $50,000 while Re Lagos was awarded $75,000 as the first runner-up. Kenneth Ize emerged winner. He went home with a $100,000 cash prize.

The top three displayed creativity and ingenuity on the runway. Their pieces showed top level quality of design and styling. They showed that they had what it takes to compete in the international Fashion Industry.

Kenneth Ize

He is an Austrian-Nigerian designer. He broke into the international fashion scene years after launching his label, showing at Paris Fashion Week and appearing in print on the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Viola Davis. Ize is known for his use of hand-woven West African textiles and vibrant colours, Ize’s collection boasts colorful striped jackets, tailored suits worn over tights as well as a knitted hat.
He is an LVMH Prize finalist. He also became the first Black designer to create a capsule collection with Karl Lagerfeld’s label, fusing his own Nigerian heritage with the fashion house’s Parisian identity.

Ré Lagos

This brand is owned by Orire Omatsola. She describes her brand as “the representation of African Artisinal Craftsmanship gaining the attention of its beauty and eccentricity. It is made for the Modern African by a modern african”. The brand distinguishes itself with its KhabaSlot, a technique of perforation and embroidery that references Nigerian traditional sculptures.

Mmuso Maxwell

This brand is made up of a South African duo, Maxwell Boko and Mmuso Potsane, who celebrate their heritage through contemporary, meticulously-tailored designs. It is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and was founded in 2016.
The unusual symmetry of their clothes makes the brand easy to spot. The ready-to-wear high end women’s-wear brand outfits are inspired by African heritage and contemporary culture with a particular emphasis on tailoring to complement ‘Modern Woman’.

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