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5 Times Kweku’s Anger Got the Best of Him in Ghana Jollof

Follow @eventlabgh < Kweku is Ghana Jollof’s, resident Sweet-Boy-In-Chief. Ever the gentleman, Kweku manages to keep calm in different situations—whether...

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Kweku is Ghana Jollof’s, resident Sweet-Boy-In-Chief. Ever the gentleman, Kweku manages to keep calm in different situations—whether that’s dealing with an overbearing sister, navigating office politics, or handling his Nigerian visitors.

But Kweku is only human, and we find out this calm gentleman gets angry—and quickly, too. Here are five times Kweku’s anger got the best of him on Ghana Jollof.

1. Dealing with a rude secretary
Kweku is getting force-fed cakes by Abina when his secretary interrupts the moment. Our man is understandably angry with her walking in on him in an embarrassing situation with a colleague. And he’s even more incensed when she gives a flimsy reason for walking unannounced. Kweku wastes no time in teaching his secretary some much-needed lessons in etiquette. Abena is not spared, either, as Kweku expresses no interest in eating more cakes.

2. Chastising Romanus
In love with his new Ghanaian beau, Effia, Romanus has his heart set on impressing her at all costs. He tells Kweku of his plans, expecting the latter to support him financially. Nothing prepares Romanus for the tirade that soon follows.

Kweku upbraids Romanus about the latter’s desire to live a “fake life” and tells him to instead focus on “things that matter.” Romanus is shocked at Kweku’s outburst and probably wished for a more positive response. The moment doesn’t last though, with both guys getting together in subsequent episodes.

3. Handling a complicated love life
At the beginning of this episode, we see Kweku offer Romanus different clothes for his date. Along with Jasper, the guys are quite happy Romanus is having his first date. However, things take an ugly turn after Kweku finds that the mystery girl Romanus won’t stop talking about is Mabel, his ex-girlfriend.

This is likely the angriest we see Kweku in the series, as everyone from Romanus to Kweku’s sister takes turns facing his outbursts. Even though Juliet reminds him that Mabel/Effia (real-life Jacinta Ocansey) “deserves to move on”, Kweku remains angry. However, he soon comes to his senses and apologises to Romanus for his behaviour.

4. “Mr Job Description”
After he hires Jasper as an accountant, Kweku comes close to regretting his decision. Barely days into his new role, Jasper quickly gets cosy with the secretary who’s been trying to win Kweku’s heart forever. This rubs Kweku the wrong way, forcing him to scold both parties on separate occasions.

Jasper gets his talk-down situation with Kweku over the incident. As with the secretary, Kweku asks his friend-turned-employee to do what is contained in the job description. He also issues a stern warning to Jasper to avoid casual talks in the office.

5. Stressed Kweku Meets Overbearing Secretary
A constant theme that we see over and over in Ghana Jollof is Kweku’s love triangle with Abena, his HR Manager, and his secretary. Both have designs on his heart and exploit every opportunity to get closer to him.

His secretary does this multiple times, with the water incident being one of the best examples. However, she takes it too far when she disturbs Kweku, who is stressed, with her attempts at creating a conversation.

Typically cool under stressful circumstances, Kweku enters a fit and berates his well-meaning secretary for adding to his troubles. The scene ends as she wonders if she did wrong by asking after her boss’s health.

It’s an unending drama on every episode of Ghana Jollof. You can watch it on Showmax for just 1,200 every month.

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