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Regular Sex With Your Husband Makes The Marriage Go Smoothly – Singer, Aramide

Follow @eventlabgh < In a new interview with Punch Saturday beats, Singer Aramide talks about how much her marital status...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 26, 2016



In a new interview with Punch Saturday beats, Singer Aramide talks about how much her marital status as affected her musical career, however she has a supportive partner.

She said:

“I am very lucky that my husband is very supportive and he wants me to succeed. I am still trying to balance my role as a singer and a wife but so far so good, it has been great. When I got married, my career took a different turn; I became more focused and knew what I was doing. My marriage has not affected my fan base.”

She added “As a married woman, I am more focused and I have the desire to do good music and make more money. A married woman should have sex with her husband as many times as possible because it makes everything go smoothly in the marriage. It is very important.”

She also spoke on the criticisms she has received since the release of her album ‘Suitcase’, on claims that she ripped off Rihanna’s B*tch Better Have My Money for her own single, Fun mi lowo.

“I released my album, ‘Suitcase,’ on Tuesday. I am very happy about the success it is recording and about the fact that my songs are topping charts. I have been in this business longer than a lot of people know and at every point, something significant happened. To set the records straight, I did not get the concept of my song, ‘Funmi lowo,’ from Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have my Money.’ I think the reason people may think so is because of my chorus. I released the song because I have noticed that it is easy for people to relate with a song they have heard before. I put the song out and it worked,” she said.



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