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5 Shows To Help You Get Boo’d-Up Before Valentine’s Day

Follow @eventlabgh < The hustle and bustle and all the excitement of the festive season are finally wearing off. Christmas...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 10, 2022


The hustle and bustle and all the excitement of the festive season are finally wearing off. Christmas and New Year celebrations taught everyone that couples would never let the singletons live any holiday without a reminder that they are ‘single to stupor’. Even though the holidays weren’t about romantic love, they still made it feel like it was. So, imagine what Valentine’s Day will feel like.

February 14 is only a month away, but it’s not too late to snag a new boo before that day comes around. You may just have a chance to make it through that ‘love-infested’ day knowing that you have your person. These shows, available on Showmax, will help in this quest to find your partner.

– Love Life:

Love Life is an anthological romantic comedy series that follows one person each season from their first romance until their last romance. The first season alone saw the main character, Darby, played by Anna Kendrick, have five boyfriends. They don’t all last, but at the very least, you’ll get tips on how to get someone’s attention and keep it. If the goal is only to have a partner by Valentine’s Day, does it matter how long it lasts?

– Love Island:

Watching Love island will mostly give you hope that you are not the only single person left in the world. It will also help motivate you into putting some more work into your search for a partner.

Love Island involves a group of contestants, called Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca, constantly under video surveillance. The Islanders must be coupled up with another Islander to survive in the mansion. It could be for love, friendship or money, as the overall winning couple receives a combined $50,000.

You could also learn a few things from how the islanders comport themselves and their unique challenges. Perhaps, watching the show may also help you become more romantic and teach you a few things about extraordinary or ‘out-of-the-norm’ dates.

– Insecure:

Most people wouldn’t consider Insecure a movie that could teach you about relationships at first glance, but it does just that. For example, the show opens with Issa and her long-time boyfriend and ends with the same boyfriend five seasons later. But the road was far from smooth, and she met so many other people through the show’s journey.

Her best friend, Molly, also starts and ends her fair share of relationships through that period. Those two could write a book about how to get a new partner. They will also teach you not to give up so easily on love and to be available if you are searching. If you can’t learn a few tips about starting a new relationship from these girls, then no one can help you.

– Date My Family (DMF):

DMF is a dating show where a suitor goes for dinner with three different families of potential dates and eventually picks one date. Each family must share what they consider the most exciting thing about the singleton they are pushing forward during these dates.

On this show, you’ll learn what aspects of yourself to push forward by looking at what each suitor considers to be the fascinating things about the person they choose. Each suitor’s choice will be beneficial if you’re considering taking your partner search to the dating apps. With just the right combination of your traits, you’ll be one step closer to finding a new boo.


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If all you need is to get a partner and keep them long enough until February ends, you should be watching Unmarried. Grab your note, pen, remote control/phone and take notes as you binge-watch the first two episodes of the show on Showmax.

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