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Edybentil Maternal Health Foundation makes donation to Ayenyah Chps Compound

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 28, 2016


The Edybentil Maternal health foundation on the 23rd of December 2016 had an outreach and donation to the Ayenyah chps compound ehich takes care of five communities including Ayenyah no 1, Ayenyah no 2, Gboglojiri, Kpostukope and Amanfrom.

The outreach was aimed at educating the pregnant women on the relevance of antenatal visits and dangers associated with non-visits. Educating pregnant women and nursing mothers on nutrition before, during and after pregnancy (What to eat and What not to eat) and educating both the men and women on the relevance of family planning and use of contraceptives.

Medical equipment and infusions worth GHC10,000 was donated to the Ayenyah chps compound to equip the midwife stationed there to be able to handle deliveries internally. Prior to this donation pregnant women had to travel to Dodowa to deliver and in emergency cases be transported on a motorbike to Dodowa.

In attendance was the founder of the foundation Mr Edward Bentil, Co-founder Mrs Bianca Bentil, the Research Officer Mr Lester Bambill Johnson, Miss Akosua Yeboah Human resource Manager of Comsul Ghana producers of Wild Cherry Yogurt, Nafisatu Sulemana Field Operations coordinator from DKT International, Mr Jonathan Amenyo a representative from the chief of Ayenyah, Mr. Samuel Mensah Accountant(GES Shai Osu Doku District), Mr Francis Tormeti (administrator Shai Osu Doku District), Mrs Charity Sikanku (Chps co-ordinator/ Senior Public Health officer Shai Osu Doku District) and Mr Reality Kormla Ayikoe from A Child unheard an NGO.

In a speech by the Co-founder Mrs Bianca Bentil, she spoke about the mission and vision of the foundation that is

  • To achieve a problem free pregnancy and safe delivery through good nutrition increased antenatal care attendance, and improved health facilities in order to reduce maternal and child mortality.
  • To help reduce the level of maternal and child mortality in Ghana in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To engage in advocacy programs that seek to address policies that do not favour the health of pregnant women, especially those with drug addiction issues among others.

She also promised the community that the foundation will build an ultra-modern facility to replace the mud house one they have now. This project will be completed by December 2017.

The Items donated included A Complete Delivery Set, Urinary Catheter and bag, Baby Scale, Syringe and Needles, Sterile Gauze, Cannula, Giving set, Normal Saline, Ringers Lactase Dextrose 5%, Cord Clamps, Surgical gloves, disposable gloves and Digital thermometers. The Donation was done by the Founder of the Edybentil Maternal health foundation Mr Edward Bentil and Received by the senior community health officer of the Ayenyah Chps compound Mrs. Gracelove Adjeson, the Rep from the Chief and GES Shia Osu Doku District.

In the thank you speech, the Chief’s rep promised the foundation to assist in any way possible to help build the ultra-modern chps compound by giving a portion of land and communal labour to help achieve the aim. This project was made possible by partners of the foundation; DKT International, Sanbao Pharmaceuticals Limited, Eurostar Ghana, Wild Cherry Yogurt, Accra Mall, Simbins Furniture and some individual donors. For more information on the foundation visit the ‘Edybentil Maternal Health Foundation’ Facebook page.



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