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5 Holiday Destinations that should be on the top of your list in 2022

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If you would love to take some time off to visit magical cities that offer the most exhilarating experiences then read on, we have got you covered! These destinations offer thrilling activities for adventurers. Some of the Nation’s events happen once a decade, while others offer new activities, which is why you must never miss visiting the destinations this year.

Ghana: “Naija’s sibling”, Ghana has many beautiful sights and enthralling spots. To see the rainforests in the country, tourists can visit Kakum national park. The Park features a wide array of vegetation, nature beasts, and a canopy walk. A similar park is Kole National Park which has the largest number of wildlife in the country. There are also many attractions in the country including clear beaches, grand castles, and memorial sites.

This 2022, the famous Aboakyer festival will be taking place in Ghana. The event involves two warrior teams in Winneba competing to capture a live deer. The event also includes a tour of Accra, Aburi Botanical Gardens, traditonal bead making, the former slave castle in Elmina, a rainforest canopy walkway, and craft villages of the Ashanti Kingdom.

Osogbo: The capital city of Osun, has many significant cultural sites, historians and fun-seekers can explore. One of the top places to visit in the State is, Osun Groove, home of the River Goddess. Other interesting locations include Erin-ijesha waterfall, Nike Art Centre, Ataoja Royal Palace, and Osogbo Arts and Metals works.

This year, the State’s tribal ceremony, Osun-Osogbo festival holds between August 15th and 20th.
The annual event attracts thousands of people from around the world.

The Republic of Benin: The attractions in Benin make it a must-visit this year. The State’s most popular city Cotonou offers incredible sights such as the Notre Dame des Apostles Cathedral, the Place of Marty’s, and the relaxing beaches of Fidjrosse and Obama. There are also Parks tourists can visit to see the Country’s Wildlife dominating their natural habitats. W National park and Pendjari National Park are one of them.

Benin also has World heritage sites such as the Royal Palaces of Abomey, a centre showcasing the former Kingdom of Dahomey. Tourists can also lounge at the Casa del Papa Resort to have a wonder-time of kayaking, swimming at the beach, or simply relaxing.

2022 marks the 29th anniversary of the Voodoo Festival of Benin, and it is usually a spectacular event.

Kenya: From wildlife to mountain climbing, there are many fun things to do in East Africa’s number one destination. The continent’s second-highest peak, Mount Kenya, is situated in the country. Rising to just over seventeen thousand feet, tourists can take the challenge to trek to the top of the hill. You can also visit the great Masai Mara which features many beasts of nature and relax at the many beautiful beaches in Kenya. This 2022, The region’s biggest homes show, Kenya Homes Expo, will be held in Nairobi from April.

Calabar: The Calabar’s festival is always one of the biggest events in the world that no one must miss this 2022! The event is usually featured with a battle of bands, street parade, colourful music, Art, shows, masque events, and great dance. Always a merry time in December with the Pride of Africa event, thousands of people from all over the world are usually in attendance. Aside from the Cannan city’s carnival, tourists can visit important landmarks in the area such as Mary Slessor Tomb, Calabar’s national museum, and Kwa Waterfall.

During your visit to any of these attractions, do not forget to take a snap for safe-keep. Memories matter.

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