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After The Rave Comes Community Building – EchoHouse Ghana To Donate All Tidal Rave Friday Night (Fire Friday) Gate Proceeds To Refurbish School Building In Bortianor

Follow @eventlabgh Kokrobite and Bortianor have played host to six back to back Tidal Rave events and come July 26th to…

By Eventlabgh , in News Entertainment , at July 10, 2019

Kokrobite and Bortianor have played host to six back to back Tidal Rave events and come July 26th to July July 28th, this community will be hosting what will be the 8th Tidal Rave.
The community has shown immerse hospitality to EchoHouse, the organizers of Tidal Rave, and the patrons who have consistently enjoyed back to back Saturdays of pure fun and entertainment at successive Tidal Rave events over the years.
For the 8th Tidal Rave, EchoHouse Ghana, as part of their corporate social responsibility, reached out to the community to find out how best they can help the community.


After a number of community engagements, the people of Bortianor asked EchoHouse to help the community refurbish a primary school block that has been dilapidated for almost two years now.
The Bortianor Methodist Basic School that is still used to educate about 300 nursery, and KG 1 & 2 pupils has had its roof ripped off for almost two years now.

In an Interview with the Assembly Member of the Bortianor Electoral Area, Charles Ayitey Armah told that since the roof of the school of was ripped off by rain two years ago, nothing has been done to rehabilitate the school building.
According to the Assembly Member, desperate attempts to get the authorities to rehabilitate the school building that is still in use despite is poor state have proved futile.

“It is the headmistress of the school, Comfort Ano, who sometimes uses her own money to fix certain parts of the building when it is absolutely necessary or when teaching and learning comes to a standstill as a result of the poor state of the building,” the assembly member for the area, told

“As we are in the rainy season, all the teachers and the pupils occupy just one room that has some level of a decent roofing when the rains come down during school hours,” he added.
However, recognizing the need for a safe environment for schoolchildren, especially for those between the ages of 3 and 6, EchoHouse Ghana has decided to help this community solve its school building problem.
The management of EchoHouse Ghana has decided to donate all the gate proceeds from the Friday night (26th July) Tidal Rave to refurbish the school building.

Patrons of Tidal Rave Fire Friday are being asked to contribute GHS 5.00 and above to support this worthy cause.
If you want to attend the Friday Tidal Rave event, you need to buy your ticket for GHS 5.00 or above on

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