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5 Clever Ways To Make Sure You Get A Present This Christmas

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 24, 2021


Every year as we grow older, we fall farther and farther away from Santa’s list (and by Santa, I mean our parents/loved one’s Christmas list). Suddenly you’re now too old for Christmas presents and let’s be honest, it simply isn’t fair.

Christmas present

While you can’t force anyone to get you a present and adulthood will not allow you the luxury of crying to get what you want, here are five ways to make sure you get a gift this Christmas.


Squeeze It Into Every Conversation

That particular item you want but can’t out rightly ask for, stylishly squeeze it into every conversation. Having a conversation about the weather? Mention how that nice cotton shirt you saw on Jumia would have helped you fight the cold.

Post It On Your Story

People employ this method already. Casually throw a picture of those red bottoms you’ve been dying for on your story with a subtle hint here and there and wait for your target to bite the bait. You can post it more than once for effect.

Give Them A Gift First

If they aren’t getting the message, it may be time to bring out the big guns and employ guerrilla tactics. A sure way to make sure you get a present is to give one. Everyone likes receiving gifts. Giving your loved ones a gift will grab their attention and need to reciprocate by getting you one. Just make sure to try options one and two first to ensure you get the particular gift of your choice.

Have Multiple Targets

The saying about not placing your eggs in the same basket…? Very valid. But in this case, replace eggs with hope. Your hope for a Christmas present shouldn’t rest on one person. Have at least two or three targets, then apply the first three steps, and at least one of them will bulge.

Ask Straightforwardly

When all else fails, you’ll have no choice but to ask directly. Find your target in the right mood and ask plainly what it would take for them to give you a present. Your question will come as a surprise, one they won’t be able to turn down or avoid, especially if you already got them a gift.

Employ any of these methods. If it doesn’t work…Well, you can always try next year.

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