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Follow @eventlabgh The nation woke up one morning to the news that the vice president had been whisked out of…

By Eventlabgh , in News , at January 30, 2018

The nation woke up one morning to the news that the vice president had been whisked out of the country due a medical emergency. What followed was a nation divided over the health condition of the second gentleman of the land.
There were those who supported the decision, pointing out the many visitors the man would have received (as done in our culture when a person is ill) if he had been hospitalised in any of our hospitals, the lack of privacy among others but there on the other side was the issue of the poor status of our health care system. Was a health system so poor, it couldn’t aid in the healthcare of Dr. Bawumia.
Truth is; it is poor and for those who cannot afford to be whisked out of the country, the fate now rests on benevolent donors and in many cases, prayer camps.
Jeremy Messent, 26, graphic designer and media professional, full of life and ready to set his mark in this thing called life has become one of the people on the other side today. You would perhaps remember him from the Mentos ad- yes he is the guy in the air condition blowing cool air from his mouth or perhaps from the face of the slydepay adverts. Need I go further? Here’s a man ready to take the world by storm.



What began as chest pains in November last year led to his admission at Korle – Bu teaching hospital where marrow and biopsy tests (which were conducted in india) revealed he had a chest mass as well as acute leukaemia. Jeremy now has to be assisted with simple tasks such as walking.
Doctors at Korle-Bu have advised him to have a Bone Marrow Transplant and additional chemotherapy to get rid of the chest mass as soon as possible. They stated that he would have to be flown to India for the procedures since BMT isn’t performed in Ghana.

Unfortunately, travel costs and surgery total 75,000 dollars which cannot be provided by just the family. Our health system may have failed Jeremy but hopefully you won’t. A donation of any amount is welcome.
Kindly send whatever you can spare to number – 0242741659, Jeffrey Messent. You may not have, but you can help by sharing.

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