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Wizkid Speaks On Why There Hasn’t Been Any Photo Of Him With Drake

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 10, 2018


Wizkid in a recent interview was asked why there hasn’t been any official picture of himself with Drake, despite the duo featuring each other in their songs.

In response, Wizkid said Social Media isn’t life, and he doesn’t have to take pictures with everybody he hangs out with.

He said;

“Do you know how many people i hang out with on a daily basis that i don’t post the pictures? Do you know how many people that i know that i talk to and nobody even knows we’re friends.. There’s a lot of them. I don’t really care about pictures or other stuff, I’m more of my work. What does a picture have to prove? that we hangout or we chill? We do that so why should i have to post it. I’m not that kind of person, i’m more of the music and i care about my music, so just enjoy the music. That’s all i’m here to deliver to my people, Accept it.”

Watch the video below:

The pair have collaborated on three successful singles, although neither of them had appeared in each other’s videos. But Wizkid says they have a healthy relationship.

Wizkid revealed back in 2017 that he met the Canadian rapper through popular British rapper, Skepta.

“I met Drake through Skepta, to be honest. He played my music to Drake, and he was like ‘yeah’. Skepta has been my brother even way before. Hearing that was pretty sick and amazing.

“I met him (Drake), it was in the club at a private party, and it was good vibes. He is cool with people too, great vibes. Big shout out to Drake and the whole OVO crew.”



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