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What To Expect Now That BBNaija Is Back!

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at June 12, 2020


Big Brother Naija is easily the biggest reality show in Nigeria. Since the show’s reboot in 2017, it has gotten bigger every year. Now in its fifth season, BBNaija has without doubt, set a standard to beat. The fourth season of the show, Pepper Dem, which had Mercy, Tacha, Seyi, Khafi, Mike, Ike and others as housemates was the most explosive season yet.

Everything that the audience loves about the show was brought and doubled. Steamy romance, larger than life personalities, personality clashes, betrayal, and such other drama.

The last season of the show also proved the power of the fans with Tacha’s #TeamTitans and Mercy’s #Mercenaries ready to pick up arms to defend their favorite housemates. The influence of Big Brother Naija stars has never been as huge as it was last season.

Now that everyone’s favorite reality show is back, what should we be expecting?

Characters to love and hate to love

The Big Brother house always brings in a dynamic array of young people required to live together in close contact for about 90 days. Right off the bat, the audience start picking sides, judging characters, loving who they’re going to love and blacklisting those they won’t.

It will be interesting to see which new characters BBNaija will bring to the screens this year. The celebrity status of housemates gets bigger each year, and with it comes an army of fans, we’re also looking forward to seeing how the housemates will be able to marshal their fans.


The just completed season of BBNaija boasts the relationship between Mercy and Ike. On their recently launched, self-titled reality show, Mercy and Ike, the couple explore if what they have is real and can stand the strain of the public glare.

Khafi and Gedoni, another Pepper Dem couple who found love in the house, got engaged this past December and are set to tie the knot anytime now.

Teddy A and Bambam, former BBNaija housemates kickstarted their relationship in the house. The two had a glamorous Dubai wedding in 2019 and recently welcomed their baby.

Relationships have started in the house and have flourished outside of it, while some others have not been as successful. Either way, relationships between housemates is a sure fire way to get drama stirred up. We’ll definitely be looking out for the relationships that will bud in the house this season.

Diary Sessions

Housemates’ diary sessions with Big Brother are usually revealing and interesting. Here, housemates are free to honestly answer some of Big Brother’s questions.

True feelings and intentions have been revealed in these diary sessions and it will be interesting to see what the new housemates come up with this season.


The housemates are usually challenged with various games and competitions that secure their place in the house and their position on the totem pole.

Another thing to look forward to is the power play between housemates, the alliances, betrayals and backstabbing. Who would turn out to be the top dog and pack leader, and who wouldn’t?

Housemates win points from these games that make their stay in the house more significant and memorable, we can’t wait to see how this plays out with the new set of housemates.

Eviction Night

Whether we like to admit it or not, eviction is a part of the highlights of BBNaija, because at the end of the day, it’s a competition and the winner takes all.

Eviction nights are usually emotionally charged, with host Ebuka sometimes teasing the housemates and drawing out the process.

Last season, Mercy Eke, first female winner of the competition, took home the 30 million naira grand prize, beating 25 other people to the prize money. The thought of their favorite housemate losing out of the prize adds to the emotional anticipation for the fans.

We have all this and more to look forward to now that BBNaija is back!

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