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What Is Really In A Lady’s Handbag?

Follow @eventlabgh < Ever heard the saying, “do not search a lady’s bag”, I bet you have and your curiosity...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 12, 2018


Ever heard the saying, “do not search a lady’s bag”, I bet you have and your curiosity peaked wondering what in God’s name is in that bag. Well, we’ve got you covered. Below are 10 items you will most likely find in a lady’s bag and their uses.

1.Mirror: A lady will always have this handy to check herself out at various times in the day, especially when she is meeting up with a man.

2. Lipstick: This is for the times after eating when half or all of her lipstick has been wiped off.


3. Lotion: To moisturize the hand at various times in the day, especially after a handwash.

4. Charger: This always comes in handy when our phones are showing 10%.

5. Money: The importance of having extra cash on you at all times can not be over estimated.

6. Sunglasses: Either to prevent the sun or just as a fashion statement.

7. Perfume: Everyone loves to smell good, and we ladies can be extra sometimes, having to respray our perfume every hour.

8. Pocket tissue paper: This has several purposes and comes in very handy at all times.

9. Camera: For our obsession with pictures, it doesn’t have to be a digital camera, it can be our cell phone camera, but the thing is you hardly see a lady who doesn’t love pictures, so this is to capture every moment we want to remember, and to have amazing selfies to post on the ‘gram.

10. Hairbrush: This is of utmost importance to us. When the wind blows from the east and west and our hair goes flying all around our face, this guy right here helps us to put it back in place and looking as good as ever.

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