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Vector, Awazi, Chuey Chu Discuss Exes, Rebounds & Breakup Checklist On New Episode Of MTV Base Guy Code

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 12, 2020


What do you do when the one you Love no longer loves? Or when you’re trying so hard to shake off someone but they wouldn’t let go?

On an all-new episode of MTV Base Guy Code, with support from LG and Glenfiddich, celebrity guests and social media influencers come together to share their thoughts on everything from exes to rebounds and the breakup checklist.

The episode, which airs this Sunday on MTV Base DStv Channel 322, sees Vector, Awazi, Chuey Chu, Hot FM OAP, Uche Smith and more cool kids break down the code on what actually makes up the breakup checklist. They touch on physical abuse which all of the guests say is a no no. OAP Sensei Uche is of the opinion that you should look out for signs early on and not let it get physical before you bow out of the relationship.

The guys then discuss what steps they will take if they found out their partner was pregnant for someone else. Vector says, such a situation, is a very good reason to call it quits.

On the issue of rebound, many of the guests, including the ladies, admit they have experienced it firsthand. Awazi, however, says that she thinks it is a very unhealthy thing to do. “It’s basically getting someone to fill a void for the time being. You know you’re not serious with that person but you’re just going to pretend. I think that is unhealthy,” she says.

When asked whether guys are easy to win back after a break up, Bibi replies in the affirmative. In her words, “guys aren’t difficult. Just send them a nude, send them a little thirst trap, and a ‘hey big head’ text with the eyeball emoji’s and you’re good.”

They also discuss when to quit the chase, as well as some of the ways to make sure your ex never comes back. As always, it’s a packed episode, and you don’t want to miss any part of it. Catch the new episode on MTV Base, DSTV channel 322 on Sunday, December 13 at 9 PM. For more on this week’s episode, follow @Mtvbasewest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can join the conversation on social with #MTVBaseGuyCode.


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