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Uti Nwachukwu, CKay, Seun Olopade & More Discuss PDA & Cheating On MTV Base Guy Code

Follow @eventlabgh < The 8th episode of MTV Base Guy Code, sponsored by LG and Glenfiddich sees Nigerian stars like...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 27, 2020


The 8th episode of MTV Base Guy Code, sponsored by LG and Glenfiddich sees Nigerian stars like Jinmi Abduls, Uti Nwachukwu, Charity Owoh from Hot FM, DJ Tgarbs, Ckay and Seun Olopade discuss PDA, cheating and more hot dating topics.

They broke down everything from cheating, snitching on the bros, lying to save a friend’s relationship, when PDA crosses the line, while also answering the question ‘What do women want’.

Sharing his thoughts on who a snitch is, Uti says a snitch is someone who shares his business with someone who isn’t supposed to know about it. Jinmi simplifies it for us as he describes a snitch as an ‘amebo’. Seun says a snitch is someone who ruins the guy code anyhow.

Ever wondered the right places for PDA? Well, our guests all agreed that places of worship and banks are off-limits for PDA. Seun says PDA shouldn’t be aggressive. According to CKay, PDA shouldn’t get to the point where people tell you guys to ‘get a room’. Uti and Charity say PDA doesn’t mean you should swallow each other in public.

When the ladies were asked if Nigerian men cheat, Charity says Nigerian men have a degree and PhD in cheating. They will cheat on you, and you’ll still not be the main chick. According to DJ Tgarb, “some Nigerian men cheat most of the time.”

This episode is full of real-life experiences and candid opinions. And you don’t want to miss it. Tune in to MTV Base, DStv channel 322 at 9 PM on Sunday, December 27th to catch it. For more on this week’s episode, follow @mtvbasewest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can join the conversation on social media with #MTVBaseGuyCode.

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