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US-Based Ghanaian Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Stacy Amewoyi Narrates Her Heartwarming Story From A Humble Beginning To The Top

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By Eventlabgh , in News , at July 26, 2019

Most often, the world sees the successful side of the story but don’t get to know the challenging journey and pains many of these well-established entrepreneurs have to go through before arriving at their current stages. The rise to the top of the business ladder wasn’t an easy one for US-based Ghanaian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Stacy Amewoyi, who at the age of 17, embarked on a journey to find greener pastures to transform her life and that of her brother.


Stacy lost her mother at a tender age and has never seen her biological father with eyes before, that worsened and piled the pains she and her brother have to endure to climb the business leader, triumph and become a role model to young ladies out there.

She arrived in the United States of America, after going through countries like Japan, finding a suitable country to continue her hustle. The determination and perseverance led her to start the Stacy Foundation to help train others to be on the right path and make prudent decisions.

She narrates her story in a brief interview, starting with The King’s Choice memoir, to women empowerment movements in the world, and her contributions to that.

Read the full interview below.

How was the path from a humble beginning with basically nothing to a writer, entrepreneur and philanthropist being for you?

It wasn’t that easy with me. Being a street girl and someone that nobody wants to mingle with or come close to. I think it was grace that found me and transformed my life into my current self. I don’t know how it all happened but I know it’s the miracle and blessing of God.

At what age did you move to the States and how easy or tough ride was it?

Going to the States wasn’t direct. Had to go through Japan and other countries before settling in the states. I started my journey at the age of 17, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Wow! Interesting age to start the hustle at.

Yeah, Hard work and God have seen me through.

Your memoir, The King’s Choice, summaries everything you have been through in life, do you mind sharing that with us for the benefit of our readers who haven’t read it yet?

As a lady from Dzita in the Volta Region of Ghana, myself and my older brother were both raised solely by our great-grandmother after our beloved mother died suddenly while I was young. While I never knew my father, I would endure hardship and challenges that are common with orphans in underserved communities. As an orphan, I understand and recognize the challenges that come with it. By God’s abundant grace, I overcame homelessness, hunger, and illness to rise out of the depths of struggles from the verbal “trash” to become an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Why the title The King’s Choice, what’s the central message behind it.

The title of my memoir came from my struggles. When I looked back at the things I went through and what God has done for me, I ask myself why me? Out of the numerous people out there, he chose to bless me and make me a better person. The Kings Choice is basically about God picking me from the struggles and making me who I am today.

How many books have you worked on so far, are you working on part two of The King’s Choice or another memoir altogether?

Currently, I have one memoir out but I am working on a new one which should be out pretty soon. Had wanted to work on part two of The Kings Choice but diverted to bring audiobooks of the part one just so people who don’t have time to read will get the chance to listen to my memoir. The audio file will be in all digital platforms soon for purchase.

Since The King’s Choice is based on true life events in your life, do you have plans of turning it into a movie, If Yes, Why, and If No, why not?

Yes! I will want to turn it into a movie just so people get to understand my life very well visually. The book itself might not bring the clarity of the story hence I will want to tell my story visually as well. I have had some producers approach me and we are talking.

Can’t wait for that to happen.

Sure, expect it soon.

Do you believe in women empowerment and the rise of movements like Me Too and Times Up, If Yes, what’s your contribution to that and If No, why?

Yes, I believe in women empowerment but I don’t belong to any movement. I believe women should be empowered just so they can be of support in our communities.

Has Ghana done enough to empower women, in your view? Comparing working in the States and Ghana, where do you feel more comfortable as a woman?

Sighs! I am surprised this question is coming up. We can’t compare a developed country to a developing country. I will say Ghana is trying to get there.

You also have developed an interest in relationship talks, especially to generation Z. What relationship advice do you give a gathering when you are invited to give a speech. Do you talk about how to note your soulmates, fall in love, sex, et al?

Personally, there will be no relationship if there’s no love. What I do mostly speak about how to love and how to grow it together. Sex et al does fall in place whiles the conversation keeps going.

And, finally, the part we like so much (Walk The Talk). What are you immediate and long term plans and how are you going to execute those plans.

I believe in actions than words hence I will want more education and workshops in our communities, especially the rural areas. Those are the places where we need to look at more often.

Are you moving back to Ghana permanently soon or you will be working from the States?

It depends on what God wants to do with me in the future. Definitely, I will want to come back home and stay but I don’t have authority about that action since the almighty is the one in charge of my everything.

What should women, the world expect from you in the coming years.

They should expect more knowledge about understanding marriage and how to grow it together from me. Also, I will be realizing some books that will keep them going from time to time.

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