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Up-close with new Nollywood ‘It Girl’, Enado Odigie

Follow @eventlabgh <  Enado Odigie, a new Nollywood actress really taking the industry by storm, talks about her journey into...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 18, 2019


 Enado Odigie, a new Nollywood actress really taking the industry by storm, talks about her journey into stardom, her image and style.

Up-close with new Nollywood 'It Girl'  Enado Odigie
Up-close with new Nollywood ‘It Girl’ Enado Odigie


How would you say your style has changed since you became an actor?

In the last couple of years as I have evolved as person and transitioned between careers and this has reflected in my style. Naturally, when you work in the corporate world, style can be a little restrictive and this might also reflect in your wardrobe. However, it’s quite different in the entertainment space where there’s an abundance of inspiration and the freedom to explore whichever way I want. I’m definitely a lot more daring and more adventurous. My style is more expressive and much more reflective of my personality.

Image is so important in your industry. Would you say you’re big on fashion? How do you decide what to wear to important events or castings?

I’m definitely big on fashion. Not necessarily on trends but definitely on personal style. With some events, it’s easy to style yourself. In some cases, I leverage on my existing partnerships with stylists and designers. So sometimes we can pull from a designer’s already existing collection and other times, a fresh outfit is custom designed for me and tailored to the event, depending on the amount of time available to prepare. For castings, more likely than not, my look is influenced by the character that I am reading for. It helps to get my head in the right space and influences my body language and my delivery.

Who are your ultimate style icons?

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, the late Kyrzayda Rodriguez (God rest her soul), Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rita Dominic

Where do you like to shop for everyday clothes?

I shop from any and everywhere I find anything I fancy. Both local and international brands, from small retailers to huge chains. Eg Fashion Nova, Miskay, Zhena Woman, Zara etc

What is your favorite piece in your closet right now ?

My current fave is a teeny weeny floral dress from Miskay Boutique

What’s your favorite red carpet look you’ve worn so far?

AMVCA 2018. It’s an Emerald green dress made by Ugonna Omeruo for House of Nwocha

Has there ever been a time when you felt you had to wear something you weren’t entirely comfortable in?


What’s your favourite role or character in your career so far?

I have a few that I love for different reasons. Ify Pedro from the movie, ‘From Lagos with Love’, Ore in the movie ‘Joba’ and the character I’m going to play in the American drama series called ‘Suits’ as Harvey Specter’s heart throb, in my mind. (laughs) A girl is allowed to dream

What’s the outfit you feel the most yourself in?

A pair of shorts and a tank or a playful mini dress.

What is your go-to boss-lady outfit?

A pair of straight cut or wide leg pants paired with either a blazer or a top

What are your current beauty favorites?

Hair – Namaste Organics Aloe hair growth Elixir, KUI tea tree and cinnamon conditioning mist. Skin – Boots Glycerin and rosewater. Eyes – Yanga beauty Browlution. Lips – Elise Claire lip glosses in colours Vintage and Raise and my absolute favourite item right now, Yanga Beauty’s Enlash 3D mink Lashes

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