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“Unwillingness to pay the price retards Brand progression” – John Claude writes

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 9, 2018


Upon personal research and observation, i have come to a comprehensive conclusion on some few reasons why most Ghanaian artists face difficulties in progressing and excelling in the music industry.  In as much as talent is the engine and heaven gate that awakens the creative giant in every creative person to attract success and excel in every endeavor, it’s too often overrated and frequently misunderstood. As a matter of fact, some of the yet to be stated reasons practically applies in every endeavor of life.

My numerous research and observation cuts it clear 99% of artists struggling to breakthrough mainstream media refuse to apply the rules and strategies necessary. 1% of the successful acts bring to play to all the requirement needed to shape, market and project their artistic values to both local  and international market. The proof to the above statement is traceable to the following reasons;

1. Lack of Focus and Unrealistic Goals;

When the mind is focused and programmed on reaching a particular goal, and keep it positively focused, the mind will find a way. Some artist are at the disadvantage of success because they have simply refused to set realistic goals to give them the cutting edge to map out a working plan for execution. Its not as if those talented artists cannot be in the limelight like the established ones, the problem is most have seasoning ideas but the fail to execute them. Due to lack of focus and unrealistic goals, some artist are blind to the bigger picture hence they absolutely have nothing to stand or fight for. Other key factors include, absence of consistency, setting low standard of living, blaming others for their downfall, expecting too much from people, giving out unnecessary excuses, putting in less efforts and low self esteem.

2. Limiting Belief or Low Self-Esteem;

No matter how talented an individuals is, if he/she doesn’t appreciate who he or she is, its a serious sabotage and suicidal, caging the giant controlling their destinies. Lacking the sense of certainty prevents them from tapping into their deepest capacity of creative abilities and intelligence. Our self-esteem particularly when its “low” is like an absolute prerogative that drives our actions negatively or positively.

3. Short Term Goals;

Its unbelievable how some people are more successful than others. The difference between them is, successful people have long term goals while unsuccessful people have short term goals. Successful people set high standard of living and long term goals, abide by its terms on conditions even if nobody gives them the needed support yet they stay committed to the goal till its achieved no matter the unpleasant circumstance.On the other hand, because unsuccessful people set unrealistic goals, they’re always looking out for quick results and taking shortcuts. At the long run they’re not able to live up to the dream as result of remaining in their comfort zone.

4. Failing To Learn From Experts;

In order to be successful in life, one needs to learn what he needs to learn in order to achieved the targeted success. It doesn’t just end at learning, acquiring knowledge is far different from applying it. When the knowledge is acquired it must be applied. However, due to the bossy and prideful nature of some artists, they are always drowning in the ocean of ignorance and ego with nobody coming to their aid to rescue them.

5. Unwillingness To Pay The Price;

How can you claim ownership of something you haven’t worked for or owning something you’re not willing to pay for? You can only determine the amount you’ve paid for by looking at your current state of living, your financial status, circle of friends, self discipline and willingness to settle for the best. The law of correspondence states, your outer world like a mirror reflects who you’re and the price you’ve paid by means of your input. Only few are able to break off the shell of these undermining factors.

6. No Distinctive Brand Identity;

A good brand is a like a bait that traps or attracts good investors. In that regards, with the volume of competition businesses face in every industry, there’s nothing more important than to stand out, develop a unique identity and value preposition. But most unsuccessful artists overlook these factors. There are other undermining factors that shadows the success of most artists, but i decided to highlight on these points.

In my next article, i will address points most successful artist used to climb the ladder of success  using the newest kid on the block, Kwesi Arthur as  case study to educate most promising upcoming artist how he was able to survive the test of time heedless of the existence of struggle.

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