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Unite Or Die Alone — Roo Dube Cautions World Leaders With Song Titled ‘Lockdown’

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 31, 2021


Reggae artiste, Roo Dube known in private life as Roosevelt Kofi Yeboah is about to drop a single titled ‘Lockdown.’

Lockdown, which will be released on Wednesday, June 2 focuses on the effects of the virus on nations in the world.

In an interview with ModernGhana News, Roo Dube said the havoc the marauding virus has caused must be a lesson to all nations whether weak or strong.

According to him, even developed countries that have the best healthcare system working perfectly were worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic and continue to suffer compared to countries in Africa whom many thought would be wiped off.

He is calling on leaders across the globe to look towards a united global village that can withstand similar shocks in future.

The Reggae artiste admonished leaders to avoid racist tendencies since the pandemic is no respecter of persons whether black or white.

“The novel coronavirus has affected almost all countries in the world with some of the big giants particularly USA and China blaming each other for its emergence which to me is wrong. I believe this virus should rather unite us.”

“The virus is indeed man’s greatest enemy and I want to encourage citizens to comply with all the protocols so the world would be free of this deadly virus and we will have our lives back.”

Asked why he sends this strong message titled ‘Lockdown,’ he explained that, “The virus has done a lot of harm and I believe things like this should be documented. Most often we leave these things for other people to write for us but I want to use my song to do this.

“In the song, I touch on how the virus started, the spread, the signs and how the world had to go on lockdown at different times. Apart from documentation, the song will also serve as advocacy and for educational purposes,” he stated.

On why he would want to release the song on social media, Roo Dube answered that, “I trust the numbers are there, it will reach a lot of people and I can make great impact. Again, social media has also become one of the biggest avenues or platforms that creatives use to show what they are made of.”

Roo Dube real name Roosevelt Kofi Yeboah, was formerly a Hiplife artiste known as Kay Y. He said he changed to Reggae because his quest is to raise Ghana high across the globe when it comes to Reggae music.

The beat was produced by Herbert Crassie under the record label Roo Dube entertainment.

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