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‘Unforgivable’ Premieres On TLNovelas In A Few Days!

Follow @eventlabgh < Where are all our telenovela lovers? A brand new one is coming to TLNovelas DStv 133 just...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 15, 2020


Where are all our telenovela lovers? A brand new one is coming to TLNovelas DStv 133 just in time for the holidays.

‘Unforgivable’ starring Telenovela superstars Ana Brenda and Iván Sánchez is the perfect cliffhanger. The story follows Martín – played by Iván – as he travels to Mina Escondida after receiving an urgent letter from his brother in which he pleads with him to go save him from the living hell he is going through. On arriving there, Martín goes through the pain and heartbreak of realizing his brother has committed suicide.

With his sorrow comes a desire for revenge against the woman who caused such agony to his brother and drove him to death. Full of grudge, Martín swears before his brother’s grave to take revenge against that ruthless woman; he will seduce her and drag her to that jungle’s green hell where he will disregard her just as she did to her brother.

Unforgivable is set to premiere on DStv 133 on December 21st and will air every weekday at 16:05 and 22:25 CAT.

Launched on DStv on 14th September 2020, TLNovelas is an exclusive channel with a host of the most successful telenovelas within the Televisa Group with over 800 titles. The channel aims to delight customers with stories that will captivate them through compelling plots that will certainly drive unique emotional connections with viewers. From young adults, women, and men, there is a story for everyone to enjoy.
TLNovelas is available to DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact.

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