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Trending: After losing his world title, DNA proves Emmanuel Tagoe’s 14-year-old son isn’t his

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 15, 2018


What a year it has been for Ghanaian Emmanuel ”GameBoy” Tagoe!  The former IBO Lightweight Champion, Emmanuel Tagoe aka Gameboy had a shock of his life when a DNA test proved that he has been fathering another man’s child for 14 years.

The Ghanaian boxer was dragged to an Accra Circuit Court by one Ms. Diana Otoo, mother of the child, citing neglect of paternal duties.

The 29-year-old claims he had always felt suspicious a conspiracy by the family of the woman who, he says plotted to siphon monies from him.

Tagoe insisted he had always paid GH¢500 as monthly stipend for the upkeep of his supposed son but the family insisted he pays more.

Speaking to Saddick Adams Obama on Atinka TV’s Sports Court show, Tagoe said the lady’s family had taken him through hell, and only wanted to damage his reputation through blackmail.

“These people have really made me suffer. If not for my mum, I would have done this DNA test long ago but anytime I mentioned, she insisted I accept the child”.

“I was paying GH¢500 a month but they could come out anytime and take money that the child was sick. Already, I was taking care of the child but I was shocked when they started demanding more money”.

“They even demanded that I send the child to the same school where Asamoah Gyan’s children were schooling but I didn’t have that kind of money”.

In July 2018, the family of Ms Otoo contacted Atinka FM’s Sports Court show with documents from DOVVSU and an Accra Court indicating that Tagoe was suppose to pay them an amount of money but has refused.

Tagoe however decided for a DNA test, the result of which proved he was not the father.

“I was very sure that this boy was not mine but my mum had gagged me. We were young when I was playing ‘Pilolo’ with the girl. We were just standing and I had sex with her. I didn’t even ejaculate but her family came home later to say the girl is pregnant for me”.

The court asked me if I can sue them for damages but I have left everything to God. Everything I gave to the child, I won’t take it back. He deserves it, not the mother”.

“The most important thing is that, now I am free”.

Earlier this year, Tagoe was left disappointed after the IBO stripped him of his lightweight world title. Tagoe, who boasts a 28-1 record with 14 knockouts, lost his IBO belt for his failure to fight mandatory challenger Fedor Papazov.

Tagoe was mandated by IBO to defend his belt against Papazov not later than June 17th, but the James Town native failed to comply with the body’s order.

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