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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner reportedly Split after nearly 3 years

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 2, 2019


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are said to have split.

Kylie began dating Travis in April 2017, after they hung out at Coachella, and weeks later their daughter Stormi was conceived.

Sources close to the pair have alleged however that ‘they’ve been trying to make the relationship work for a while, but several weeks ago they decided to step away’.

Kylie has not shared anything with Travis on her social accounts since 10 September, and they were last pictured together at the August premiere of the Netflix documentary, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly.

TMZ reports that it’s not the first time the pair have split ‘and in the past, they’ve managed to work it out’. They are continuing to co-parent ‘and will keep Stormi as their number 1 priority’.

The split comes just weeks after she was interviewed by Travis for Playboy magazine, in which she claimed their sex life got better after she gave birth, and that Travis empowers her to own her sexuality as a mother.

‘Do you feel like I empower you to own your identity and sexuality as a mom?’ he asked to which Kylie replied: ‘You remind me that motherhood and sexuality can coexist and just because you embrace your sexuality doesn’t mean you have loose morals or you’re not a good mother.

‘You can be sexy and still be a badass mom.’

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