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Top Ghanaian Brands Afre Anko, Bri Wireduah & Akinko Lifestyle set to rock Accra Fashion Week SH19 “Year Of Return”

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at June 24, 2019


Ghana’s biggest fashion event is set for it’s most exciting edition to date. In just 3 years the event has managed to fixate itself as one of Africa’s leading and top fashion week being the first to be executed twice a year alongside that of South Africa Week, and it seems to only be getting bigger. Accra Fashion Week is preparing for it’s next season, Summer Harmmattan 2019 after concluding the March edition in the most classical fashion.

Get ready for another epic and exciting episode of Accra Fashion Week, as top Ghanaian brands prepare to bring you trending Summer Harmattan collection for the year of 2019. Welcoming a host of foreigners from abroad to witness fashion by leading African brands such as Afre Anko, Bri Wireduah, Clatural Wear, Catherine L, Akinko Lifestyle, Avonsige, Fathia Creations, Clavon Leonard, Chivalrouz and much more.

The 2019 Summer Harmattan edition of Accra Fashion Week is dubbed the ‘Year Of Return’ and will feature various designers from the diaspora, the event is set to hold from the 2-6th of October 2019 and will release a jaw dropping schedule in the next few month.

As Ghana’s leading fashion event, organisers believed it was only right to take heed of the Year Of Return and embrace many Africans in the diaspora that are willing to make their connection to Africa this year. Guests are warned to prepare themselves for a cultural revolution.


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