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Tonto Dikeh Reacts To Patience Ozokwor’s statement on Wigs being Evil

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 20, 2018


Following veteran actress Patience Ozokwo’s viral interview on Christianity, a few people in the Nigerian entertainment industry have disagreed with her.

Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor had caught the attention of Nigerians after a video where she claimed that weaves are usually dedicated to gods in different Indian shrines, went viral.

According to the veteran actress, said she doesn’t wear wigs and weavons and had to shut down her ‘world class’ salon because she was informed that the hair products are dedicated to shrines in India where they are mass produced.

She also said if one has repented and doesn’t change their wardrobe and how they dress, the person still has a long way to go.

In reaction to the video, actress Tonto Dikeh took to Instagram to advice Patience to run her race of Christianity without dragging others into it. She noted that salvation is personal and not a sin in any bible.

“With all due respect mama biko run your race, slavation is personal and not sin in no bible. its this local way of viewimg christianity that actually corrupts the house of God with polluted message. Too much love for you mam but ya wrong.. if anyone decides to serve God in rags, designers, hair or no hair knock yourself out.”

Meanwhile, controversial radio personality Daddy Freeze recently took to his Instagram page to pen an open letter to the actress.

According to the radio presenter, he finds her stance hypocritical because she cannot successfully determine which of her day to day items are not from questionable origins.

Excerpts from his post reads:

“Dear Aunty Patience,

“Please do not find this letter insulting, as that is not my intention, rather I’m seeking to clarify unattested fallacies that have germinated into full blown Christian doctrines.

“I find it hypocritical (pardon my use of the word, but I lack a better appellation to aptly portray what our faith has become), when Christians say things like: “weaves are dedicated to shrines”. Can you guarantee that the car you are driving and the clothes you are wearing were not dedicated to shrines? Are they from ‘christian’ sources?

“If you understand the sign language of the occult like I do, you will realize that many banks, cosmetic, food, beverage and automotive conglomerates are deep in occultism, with their products dedicated to shrines. So if you stop wearing weaves are you going to also stop using toothpaste or bathing with soap as well?

“As long as we continue being lazy Christians seeking blessings, these pagan shrines will continue to feed us.”

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