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Time to drop the useless `BeefSteak’

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at July 22, 2019


DISCLAIMER: This writeup is a featured story and BeenieWords is not responsible for any damages caused.

As Homo Sapiens our greatest strength lies in UNITY and it’s in this, that we find development.

The Good Book says in MARK 3:25 that “If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand”

There is an Akan proverb that also says that “is easy to break a single broomstick but not a bunch”.

These few examples should tell any Sapient race that the only way to grow is via UNITY.

Unfortunately our slave masters in colonizing us divided us with boarders and have left an imprint in our brains which has made it difficult for us to unite as one people.
The effect of that action has really left us fighting against each other whiles they have concentrated on uniting themselves and developing their Countries.

In our part of the world when one becomes rich he looks down on his fellow men and sometimes insults and steps on their heads and it’s called bigmanism.
Now because those being stepped on are closer to the ground they easily find nails and pins to chuck chuck the under of the feet of the rich arrogant big men till they drop then they all become the same.
Now if the big man at the top had given a helping hand to the man below and raised him to his level it would have been impossible for him to use nails and pins to bring him down.
This cycle has made it difficult for us to develop our Countries.

My main concern is with the Music/Arts industry which is also divided against itself and making it virtually impossible to develop.

The Genesis
Executive Producers discovered talents and spent monies to develop them and when it was time to harvest we had people introducing themselves as managers who came to take over the job. Now these ungrateful talents after growing bigger also got greedier and decided to manage themselves so they can spend the income alone leaving the investors monies to waste.

Now the hate for the Talent was born and the bitterness grew from anger to rage to backbiting and finally PHD just to get even and this behavior of crabs in a bucket has lead us all to a Broke Industry.
Obviously you don’t expect a Producer who has been betrayed by many talents to be proud of them, No in fact at any given opportunity they will make sure that Talent never shines and therefore have used the Mafia system to fight their own Talents and these paybacks have really ruined the industry and in effect ruined everyone in it.

Now the fights and bickering moved from Producers/Managers against Talents to now Talents against Talents and we all witnessed how it got us to a gun point. Fortunately we’re able to solve it and peace have been restored.

Now whiles we were busy fighting among ourselves and going nowhere, other neighboring countries including Nigeria & South Africa were busy building their industry and breaking boundaries.

Now what we have to show as an industry is
1. A Music Collective Society that’s Struggling to find monies for its members.
2. A musicians union that’s in court over elections and very soon might not even have an office to work from after all these years.
3. A film producers association that’s in court over elections and
4. An audiovisual Collective Society that is holding meetings under trees.

My last example before ending is that DSTV has dedicated channel 196 to enable us broadcast our events and sadly we are unable to keep it running with events.
Nigeria has been provided same and it is running 24/7 everyday.

Even our own Tv channels is filled with foreign contents so what sensible and quality content can we provide when our own government does not even care to protect our industry from these foreign contents.

If I have to continue trust me we might never end so let me conclude by saying fortunately we have been provided an opportunity again on a silver platter and we should see it as a turning curve for this small but vibrant industry.
Shatta’s feature with Beyoncé is a major step and it should be used to reconcile the industry since it came after the peace talks. I have seen traces of that old dirty beefy dog trying to raise its head and it must be quashed immediately. Yes Sark threw some jabs at him a few weeks ago but Shatta shouldn’t repeat the folly of our elders by seeing this as an opportunity to pay him back since it will not yield any benefit to the industry but will only give aimless and money conscious bloggers free monies to chop instead of the great bloggers whose aim is to help build a better industry. I was therefore glad to hear him also come to the realization that our industry can indeed grow when we put the useless Beefsteak and unhealthy competition aside.

Moving on its our hope that we all come to one realization that the Industry must be placed above ourselves.
Those who need to apologize must do and those who need to forgive must do same so we can all start from a solid ground to rebuild our industry and Country.


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