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Things Fall Apart – Entertainment Industry Version: NanaYaw18 laments

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at October 15, 2019


I have listened to Kofi Kinaata’s new song Things fall Apart so many times and I must say it is a great record.

I love the song much that I began to see it from a different angle, the entertainment industry angle, so here we go.

Things fall apart in our entertainment industry, Kofi Kinaata after this master piece of a song plus all other songs will still not get royalties for this creative work even after so many years to come, simply because we don’t have a clue how this whole royalties work and as an industry we are still not asking for help. (Wow)

Things fall APART, radio and TV are been controlled by the fans and viewers and not the stations any more. We here loving foreign movies on our TV because it gives eyes balls and local sponsors want to put their Brands on it but the local brands will not sponsor a local TV series because it has no eye balls unless it’s about comedy, anything serious produced locally hardly sustains after a season. Eii 😳.

Things fall apart, we will cry to government for help only to be given 2Million cedis for one person to tell us the 2Million was used for research and no one can challenge the person because he has people in higher places.

The music radio stations have lost their programming sense as they play the same kind of music every day for 7 days killing our musicians who do other forms of music and not just dance. The radio stations are forcing our talents to loose themselves.

Things are falling apart, our movie industry is acting as though Ghana has no history, we are not telling the stories that will take us to world market and we here complaining about lack of investment. All our movies are centered on one way stories- Love and sex.

Things fall apart, a whole music industry cannot break a new talent unless the talent has money to pay. The industry milks the talents so much that all the talented artists are suffering while the “dead” talented ones rise. (Ask Ras Kuuku)

Things fall apart, the talents (Artiste) in our industry will not and never support a local media house, Ghanaian promoter or Ghanaian event house but will run to a foreign promoter and media to do freebies just because the said media is outside. Hmm.

Things fall Apart, after 20 years of Ghana music and movies there is nothing like records for our industry. If tomorrow we all die, our kids and grand kids will have no idea what we did. (Don’t say we have internet)

Chale, the things have really fallen apart, there is no unity among us in this industry. Most of us hate each other secretly and we destroy ourselves anytime we get the least opportunity and when ever money is mentioned.

Things fall apart, every blogger be publicist, manger and road manager. Amazing.

Things really fall apart because we are an industry with less experts and more opinions how do we grow.


(Source: NanaYaw18 – Nana Yaw Wiredu)

Source: Beenie Words

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